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About Us

Farming Smarter Association

Regional, focused agriculture research

Where fascinating information is a requirement and fun is a rule

Our Promise

Building and Inspiring a Culture of Innovation in Western Canadian Agriculture

Farming Smarter exists to drive agriculture innovation at the farm level. We attract a community of passionate innovators and provide agronomic testing, scientific knowledge, and the right connections for them to succeed. 

Innovation drives us, not profit. This makes us a trusted source for regional adaptation of profitable and resilient crops, cropping systems and agronomic practices. Farming Smarter instills a culture of innovation and takes a bottom-up approach that is gritty, practical, and achievable. As a flexible organization we take chances, break the rules and encourage failure so we can learn. We adapt and excel at innovation development and adoption.  This is crucial to keep farmers competitive and viable in a complex and dynamic environment. 

Innovators can rest easy knowing we scan the world for new and old ideas that may apply locally. When they turn to us, they are confident our information is grounded and relevant. We love agriculture and offer our community informative, safe, and enjoyable experiences. They feel part of a diverse community who enjoy learning, networking, and bouncing ideas off each other. 

Innovation is hard and about long-term results. We invite anyone interested in agriculture innovation to work with us and together we can change the way people farm.

We change the way people farm

Field Tested:

We change the way people farm through grounded on-farm innovation.

Agronomy Research:

We change the way people farm through experimentation and collaboration.

Custom Research:

We change the way people farm by delivering unbiased trusted results.


We change the way people farm with enriching and interactive learning experiences.

Here’s how to find us

Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024

Farming Smarter is a registered Canadian charity.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018

2017 Research Report pdf

2017 Extension Report   pdf  

Visit our  Staff page to learn more about individual staff members. Farming Smarter has a core staff of 9 and hires interns and students each year based on available funding.

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