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About Us

Farming Smarter Association

Regional, focused agriculture research

Where fascinating information is a requirement and fun is a rule

We change the way people farm.

Our primary focus is applied research that helps Alberta crop producers make informed choices around inputs, technology and management practices for their operations. The goal is to sustain our land, water, soil and farmers for the benefit of everyone.

We Study. We Teach. We Challenge.

Our secondary focus is making sure Alberta crop producers know about the options open to them through every means possible. This website, public events, printed and digital media products all contribute to our extension efforts.

Here’s how to find us

Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024

Farming Smarter is a registered Canadian charity.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018

2017 Research Report pdf

2017 Extension Report   pdf  

Visit our  Staff page to learn more about individual staff members. Farming Smarter has a core staff of 9 and hires interns and students each year based on available funding.

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