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– 2020 Articles –

– 2019 Articles –

Global News Aug. 12  Communication Training

Cypress newsletter

WP Revenue streams expand for hemp growers

Rural Roots Canada

WP Timing of hail more important than damage

WP Erin Brockovich called out on glyphosate

WP researcher says he’s paid high price

WP Neonic ban would require multi-pronged flea beetle plan

realag From fallow to fruitful

WP weed expert presented with soil conservation award (x2)

– 2018 Articles –

AM Focus on Increased on-Farm scale research

TCM Dryland Corn Production

WP Herbicide resistant kochia here to stay

RealAg Radio from Farming Smarter Conference

Over $8,000 Raised For 4-H

World Record Set For Hand Threshing Wheat

AM careful research and innovation

LH Farmers threatened by activists

WP Weed expert receives soil conservation award

HRO Changing The Conversation

AG Deep Topic Delves Below

AM Cover Crops

LH Putting local food in the spotlight

LH Open Farm Days Running This Weekend

LH Open Farm Days Introduces City Residents to Ag

AFE Open Farm Days an Alberta institution

DW Integrated Crop Agronomy Cluster Announced

FP Breaking New Ground In Ag

GN Winter Wheat Gets Better and Better

AM rotation study

LNN Stalking Wheat with a Barley Chaser

AM Farming Smarter Plot Hop Talks Deep Banding

AFE Does deep banding work

Fungicide application at anthesis of wheat in western Canada

WP Wild oat resistance persists

WP App makes instant weed ID possible

LH Diet the buzzword for long-term bee health (this article also ran in the Lethbridge Sun Times)

AM Tapping the Internet-of-Things

WP Pea diseases elude southern Alta. Researchers

WP New winter wheat varieties outlined

WP winter wheat stands out

Global Weed-scouting app showcased at Farming Smarter

WP A crop sensor that costs only $25.69

LNN Farm field-day sessions begin

AFE Bringing crops indoors generating research insights

GN Planter precision pays off for canola

GN Planting canola with precision 03 2018

APG Agronomy 911 Can inputs save a hailed out crop

AFE Robo-tractors invented by farmers are already here

CG Corn adoption on the Prairies set to speed up

LH Ag producers following NAFTA talks closely

AM On-farm research made easy

WP Producers offered help with on-farm research

WP Agent Orange rumour shows depth of misinformation

WP Higher seeding rate helps grain corn

AFE The automated future has arrived says robotic farming expert

LH Farmers get ideas how to dull effectiveness of cutworms

– 2017 Articles –

WP Cutworms can be difficult to identify – look for ‘fake legs’

LH Conference discusses changes in agriculture industry

LH Picture butte resident given agriculture award

AM Regional Agricultural Research Still Yields Important Data for Farmers

WP Researcher understands farmer doubts about hands-free farming

Revolutionary farming method showcased at Lethbridge conference

WP Hands Free Hectare

AM Noted soil expert speaks at Farming Smarter

AM Potash may be irragators’ best weapon against invasive mussels

WP Diamondback moth numbers extreme in some areas

WP Drought reduces wheat disease risk

WP Alberta’s irrigation growers warned to watch for wheat midge

AM Farming Smarter Conference Returns to Medicine Hat

AM Speculating on the Future of Dryland Mustard

WP Pink may be the panther in future mussel tussle

AFE Doing your own research

AM Crop Diversification Key

Bridge City News – Farming Smarter video

LH Many No-charge Events Planned Saturday

LH Keeping Busy Over the Summer

LST A first hand taste of farming life

LH Open Farm Days Set for Aug 20

RCC  WheatStalk: Researching crop recovery from hail damage

RRC video Building up disease resistance in Spring Wheat

RA Comparing vacuum planter and air seeder results

RRC WheatStalk

AFE The danger comes from below

RRC Farmers ready to rock out to agronomy at WheatStalk 07 12

MHN Local award winners honoured at Stampede

MHN Farming Smarter brings innovation together

WP Early morning best time to spray fungicides

WP Field studies to narrow down when, how to grow hemp

WP attack weeds early

WP Pea weevil recovery requires early detection

WP Growers warned to scout canola for flea beetles

RA Why grow hemp

AFE hemp prospects upswing

GN precision ag

GN Managing Your Hail Damage

SSN FS grows ideas



AFE Root rot pathogens

AM No Silver Bullet When it Comes to Herbicide Resistant Weeds

AFE Canola may soon be able to text you

AFE Believe it or not


WP Antique hunters

AM Market Cynic Gives Bleaker View of Year Ahead 01 19

WP Touch of a button means less exercise

AFE want to keep those resolutions

 – 2016 Articles –



AM Deciphering the Chemical Language of Plants

AM Lanier Honoured At Farming Smarter Conference




WP Big 5 threaten canola

WP One bee doesn’t fit all jobs

WP Alberta’s farm safety bill called part of predictable proces

WP Calm, clear day dangerous time to spray

WP Lab welcomes strange and unusual

WP Hail simulator helps determine crop recovery expectations 07 16

WP Deadly disease threatens pulses

WP Spraying night may not be ideal time apr

WP Information Overload

4H Communication 2016

TCM DIY hail 03 16

TCM Mapping variability 03 16

WP Dual Purpose Cereal Crops a Win Win

LH Producers learn about canola feb 19

AFE Big data on Tactical Farming conference agenda 02 16

Producers Can Set The Alarm A Little Later To Spray nufarm feb 2

AFE Late is not great when it comes to seeding wheat 01 16

AFE Farmers, hit that snooze button — spraying later is your best bet 01 16

AFE 3 articles January 4 2016

AFE Grazing winter cereals can work

WP Crop type one factor in swath grazing economics 01 16

WP Adjust nitrogen input, swath timing with new canola hybrids expert 01 16

AFE Extended Grazing

AFE 5% Rule

MC key to big wheat yields

– 2015 Articles –

AFE Cinderella Story Canola 12 15

WP Provide the right stuff for 200 bu. per acre wheat 12 15

WP Growing better canola starts with seeding rates 12 15

AFE Ten is the magic number for canola 12 15

WP Farmers must manage MRLs to avoid confusion

WP New potential with rye hybrids 11 15

WP Prairies to see little moisture nov5 2015

WP Study finds kochia stays close to home nov5 2015

Chat_Farming Smarter teaches the latest_Oct 27

WP Blight fungicides tests on peas Aug 20 2015

WP More corn acres could hike fusarium Aug 13 2015

WP early morning fungicides Aug 13 2015

WP Extra heat units offset Alta. dryness 07 15

Hemp sector seeks move to Ag Canada umbrella

Get your timing right with PGRs

Researchers invent their own version of the great white combine

Hail simulations give crops a beating

Take a break and grab some agricultural learning

Farming Smarter cancels spring crop walks

GN Taking research inventory 03 15

Cows on Corn need attention

RA Canola School – Bees & Beneficials 01 15

Ranch pencils out profit with bale, swath grazing

– 2014 Articles –

GN Winter cereals pressed into double duty

Stripe Rust near Olds not likely a new outbreak
Alberta Wild Oat resistance continues to grow stronger
Crop disease levels concerning
People vulnerable to bad information about food
Consumers shape chains breakfast
Four life lessons from the farm that will serve you well in life

High cost, high risk, but corn a perfect cold-weather grazing crop

In dry years, tall stubble can make all the difference

Trials Examine Management Practices

Burger Chain wants more Canadian Beef

Bugs Don’t Get Recognition They Deserve
Hemp Production on the Rise
WP Researchers keep eye on rye
WP ongoing canola tests yield o solver bullet 07 14
WP Drones put to work hunting weeds 07 14

WP morning good for fungicides
LH Hemp taking root in area fields 2014

AFE Does the time of day matter when applying herbicides
WP No serious signs of stripe rust in Alberta yet 06 14
WP Seed treatments more effective at pea leaf weevil control 06 14
On Farm Research done right can save producers big bucks
Spray fungicides before breakfast and herbicides at lunch
Is spraying by moonlight effective?
Pulse School: Scouting the Elusive Pea Leaf Weevil
Nailing Down the Value of Precision Agriculture
AFE There’s a reason why Alberta 
is Canada’s hemp leader 04 14
Industrial hemp acres on the rise, especially in southern Alberta
Winter cereals pressed into double duty
Dispelling the Myth of Big Agriculture
Anti-glyphosate crusader accuses herbicide of causing a host of ills
Farmers divided after expert issues glyphosate warning
Hemp acres expand alongside growing market Crop Walks
ABFMR_Jan 7_Engineer says running fans continuously is not a smart move
Farming Smarter prepares for busy Year

– 2013 Articles –

Wheat research project plans to grow record breaking crop
Top 10 list identified for successful farms
Experts see viruses not usually found in leafcutter bees
4H youth impress Farming Smarter attendees
Delegates learn in Lethbridge about Farming Smarter
Moisture may be in short supply
Plenty of Optimism for Wheat Farmers
Watch out for Wireworms
An educational video by Alberta Barley
Spraying at first light may cost you herbicide efficacy

RA The Nozzle Sprays at Midnight
Winter pulse seed available soon

– 2012 Articles –

Alberta plagued with blackleg in ‘entire canola growing area

WP – Want to know what weather to expect

PP – Agriculture producers soon will be Farming Smarter

Alberta man moves from chemistry lab to farm field

AFE OK to hit the snooze button

WP-Emergence results

RA Is night time the right time to spray

Western Canada hosts first precision ag conference

Herbicide, Fungicide combo not effective

Growers will need to test more on own: researcher

Growers urged to take up kochia fight

Summer School for farmers

Farmers share ideas on crop walk

WP Intensive farming may save world

WP Precision equipment improves quality

WP Agriculture app

– 2011 Articles –

WP World havest record set

Contans cleans up sclerotina

Winter pulses give farmers another potion

Cool spring forecast poses problems for canola crop

WP Don t be afraid of the dark

The farmer and the cell

Farmers feed world

Producers know who’s where, when

Farming smarter to focus on enviromental ag research

WP Farm Like Mother Nature

Winter pulse plots display promise

Measuring power requirements of air drills

Fuel savings: best practices

Bin checks vital to retain canola quality

Licence plates & legislation

WP_Biofungicide 2

WP Two alta groups merge

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