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AgCanada Articles: 1/3 of your mouthfuls of food owed to pollinators

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From the week of May 26

AgCanada Top Articles of the Week

Guenther: NW Sask. growers hustle within seeding window, May 23

So far so good summed up the seeding reports for farmers in the NW corner of Saskatchewan. In a rush to get seed in the ground, some farmers were opting for a post-seed burn off to take advantage of the fair planting weather. The most recent provincial crop report at the time calculated 22 per cent of crops had been planted.



2. Neonics ban wouldn’t immediately reverse bee declines, May 27

Any bid to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in farm crops is not likely to immediately bring back bee populations, according to a recently published review. A University of Guelph professor was quoted as saying the new review, “will be a useful tool for policy-makers and regulators…”

3. Canola Growers file service complaints on CN, CP, May 26

The Canadian Canola Growers Association announced on May 26 it filed a level-of-service complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency, alleging CN and CP railways, “did not fulfill their common carrier obligations.”

4. New Zimbabwe land invasions raise security concerns, May 23

Earlier in the week of May 23 saw hundreds of illegal settlers invade sugar estates, raising new concerns about the security of foreign investment. Production was not affected, but the invasions will worry investors already uneasy over President Robert Mugabe’s black empowerment policy.

5. Russia’s grain crop seen suffering if expected rain fails, May 27

Russia’s grain crop was set to suffer if rains did not come as expected to several growing regions of the country. The head of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies was quoted as saying, “If there is no rain this week, some optimistic forecasts would have to be downgraded.”

Created June 4, 2014 | Category: Grains

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