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Agri Digest Online – January 2014

News article

Agri Digest Online

– The pan-Canadian Journal of issues & events in agriculture –


Q – How much does it cost to subscribe to Agri Digest Online?
A – Agri Digest Online is absolutely free to anyone who wishes to read it, with or without
signing up for new issue alerts. However, it helps us greatly if you DO sign up as we can then
provide advertisers with basic information that assists their decision to advertise with us.

Q – Is my email address or any other contact information given to advertisers or anyone else?
A – NEVER. The only information that is given out is general in nature (breakdowns by
province, field of interest etc.) and is combined with all other such information so no one
reader can be identified.

Q – Is government or other funding provided to Agri Digest Online?
A – No. All funding comes from advertising — all the more reason we need you to sign up so
we can be seen as a valuable place to advertise.

Q – How often can I access the Agri Digest Online website and each issue of the publication?
A – As often as you wish. Although we undertake to alert you when we post a new issue, there
is no reason not to go back to it again and again. Back issues are available also (see the
menu) and articles posted in the period prior to monthly publications are also available in the
Archive section.

Created January 3, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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