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Agri-News – RTW this week (December 23, 2013)

News article



Looking Back on 2013 with Alberta’s Agriculture Minister

A look back on 2013 with Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson. Some of the highlights in 2013 include:


Capitalizing on Learning Opportunities

As the 2013/2014 workshop and conference season ramps up, many producers find it difficult to make time to attend. The information and knowledge shared at such events: however, can be a boon to your business and to your customers.

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Pan Fried Cauliflower with Currants and Pine Nuts

This easy to prepare side dish is tasty and elevates cauliflower to festive levels. If you are always looking for a new side dish to serve with that holiday turkey – look no further. Unfortunately, the family may tuck-in so well that there are no left overs! For all sorts of wholesome, delicious recipes, visit More About Milk.

 Click here for this recipe. > 


Winter Webinar Series

Alberta Agriculture’s Winter Webinar Series kicks off on January 8, 2014 with late blight of potato and tomato-the Alberta situation and management strategies at the topic. Webinar co-host Matthew Wright, talks about the series line-up for 2014. Click here for more information, including how to register.

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North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association Conference

The North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA) conference is being held in late January 2014, in Kansas City. Judy Kolk of Kayben Farms at Okotoks, has attended three conferences and discusses what she’s learned particularly from the bus tours. For information on the NAFDMA conference visit the website.

 Click to listen to the Call of the Land interview. > 

Navigating Media Routes

Working with the media can be a challenge for even the most experienced professional. But to those new to the business of self-marketing, it can seem a daunting prospect indeed. Navigating Media Routes is a one-day workshop being held in Edmonton on January 8, 2014. The workshop, co-hosted by the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, will provide information and advice on a variety of media-related subjects. Registration is $30 per person. Contact Shelley Hall at780-538-6208 for more information and to register.

 Click to hear what Karen Goad has to say about the workshop. > 


Defining Goals and Objectives for a Woodlot

Landowners value their woodlots for many reasons, including scenic beauty. Establishing management goals is an important step in creating a realistic and feasible management plan. “Developing achievable management goals requires an investment of time so that you can observe and learn as much as you can about your woodlot,” says Jeff Renton, project manager with the Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society (AWES).

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Early Registration Deadline for 2014 Irrigated Crop Production Update

The biennial Irrigated Crop Production Update is being held at the Lethbridge Lodge and Conference Centre in Lethbridge on January 21 and 22, 2014. The conference agenda includes presentations on agronomic management, pest management, irrigated crops, irrigation equipment, water management, and financial management, as well as displays by conference sponsors.

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The Canola Market

Alberta Agriculture market specialist Neil Blue says the canola futures market underwent a bit of a change at around harvest this year. For more information, contact Blue at 780-853-8104, or David Wong at 780-538-5289.

 Click for more information from Neil Blue. > 


Even-out Feeding – Eliminate Pecking Order

A research project conducted by Dr. Martin Zuidhof, is working to ensure that laying chickens and breeding chickens are being fed to maintain optimum weight throughout a flock. Along with other researchers and members of the industry, Zuidhof is working to expand on the original prototype to allow individual bird management no matter the flock size.

 Click to read the latest ALMA information sheet. > 

Equine Treatment Stock Donated as a Conference Delegate Prize

As well as featuring an information-packed agenda, the 32nd annualHorse Breeders and Owners Conference will reward one lucky attendee with an equine treatment stock as a prize donated by True Heart Horses and 2-W Livestock.  The conference is being held in Red Deer on January 10 to 12, 2014.

 Click for more HBOC information in Agri-News. > 

Horse Breeders and Owners Conference

On January  10 to 12, 2014, the 32nd annual Horse Breeders and Owner’s Conference is being held in Red Deer. Robyn Moore, manager of the Horse Industry Association of Alberta, talks about this premier annual equine event. For more information, visit the HIAA website or phone 403-420-5949.

 Click to listen to the Call of the Land interview. > 

2014 Banff Pork Seminar

The 2014 Banff Pork Seminar is just weeks away, and according to event organizers, everything is coming together for another fantastic seminar. The seminar is being held in Banff on January 21 to 23, 2014.

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The Adding Value to Livestock Tour

Livestock producers looking to add value to meat or dairy products should consider going on a Explore Local farm tour this February. Bert Dening, direct marketing meat specialist with Alberta Agriculture, talks about a two-day bus tour set primarily in southern Alberta being held on February 3 and 4, 2014. The tour will depart from Leduc. For more information, contact Dening at 780-674-8247.

 Click to hear what Dening has to say. > 

Angus Central Officially Opened

After three years of planning and preparation, the Canadian Angus Association has officially opened its first member-owned national headquarters, Angus Central. While the Association moved to many provinces, Angus Central, located just north of Calgary, is the first building owned by the Association. More than 200 Angus members, vendors to the Association and industry partners were in attendance as the doors opened.



Explore Local Conducting a Needs Assessment Survey

Alberta Agriculture’s Explore Local initiative is looking for input on what learning opportunities to offer and how and when they should be provided. Karen Goad, farm direct specialist with Alberta Agriculture, talks about how they’re going about doing this. For more information, contact Goad at 780-538-5629. Click here to find the survey online.

 Click to hear what Goad has to say. > 

Canadian Society for Bioengineering Lecture Series

The Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE), Alberta Region, will be hosting its inaugural lecture series on January 28, 2014. This lecture series promises to feature current bioenergy related policies and strategies of the Government of Alberta, the progress industry continues to make in Alberta within the limited timeframe, and the emphasis of our academic and research organizations towards the discovery of new and innovative approaches to sustainable energy development.

 Click here for more information on the CSBE website. > 

Update on the Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Energy Management Program

Jason Price, program lead for the On-Farm Energy Management Program under Growing Forward 2, explains that the program is still open and the application deadline has been extended. For more information on this or any other Growing Forward 2 program visit the website, or call the Ag Info Centre at 310-FARM, 310-3276.

 Click to hear more on Call of the Land. > 

Food & Ag Processing

Marketing Nutrition Workbook — Claims for Food Products

Reports show that 68 per cent of Canadians use easily accessible food labels as a source of food and nutrition information to help them make informed purchases. Yet many consumers report having difficulty understanding food labels as they look to make healthy choices.

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Rural Development

Becoming a Community Builder

Applications are now being accepted for the second phase of the Becoming A Community Builder community capacity building initiative.  This program has been launched to grow Community Leadership Capacity throughout Rural Alberta, and 10 communities will be selected to participate in phase two of the programme.

 Click here to learn more and to apply. > 


Trend Analysis of AgriProfit$ Data

Using a trend analysis of some historical AgriProfit$ benchmark data can help create a financial performance snapshot of where Alberta’s farm managers are heading. AgriProfit$ benchmarks data for a sample group of participants and allows those participants to compare their results with those of other producers on a group average basis and also compare them to the top one-third of producers.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

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Coming Events






Food & Ag Processing

Rural Development


Coming Events

Peace Country Beef Congress
Dawson Creek, Jan 10 – 11 Details > 

Manage and Market What You Measure
Mayerthorpe, Jan 14

Leslieville, Jan 15

Claresholm, Jan 16

Agronomy Update 2014
Red Deer, Jan 14 & 15 Details > 

2014 Peace Agronomy Update
Fairview, Jan 16  Details > 

2014 Irrigated Crop Production Update
Lethbridge, Jan 21 & 22 Details > 

Canadian Bull Congress
Camrose, Jan 24 & 25 Details > 

Edmonton, January 28 – 30 Details > 

Alberta Wheat Commission – AGM
In conjunction with FarmTech, attendees do not need to be registered for FarmTech to attend the AGM January 29, 2014 at 11:30 AM in Hall E 

Canadian Association of Farm Advisors – Current & Connected
Red Deer, Feb 6  Details > 

Precision Ag 2.0 Conference
Calgary, Feb 11 & 12  Details > 

Growing Rural Tourism Conference
Camrose, Mar 3 – 5  Details > 

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