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Agri-News – RTW this Week – Mar 24/14

News article



2014 Summer Farm Employment Program

Full time farmers thinking about hiring a student for summer employment, should apply soon. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is once again offering the Summer Farm Employment Program that gives Alberta’s youth the opportunity to gain farm work experience and provides wage support to farmers for the months of July and August. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development provides wage support to a maximum of $400 per month, as well as worker’s compensation coverage and safety training information.

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Moisture Situation Update as of March 16

Temperatures in February were much colder than normal. Most areas of the province would only experience a February this cold on average less than once in 6 to 12 years. Similarly the first week in March was extremely cold, but finally gave way to a significant and sudden warming trend which arrived on about March 8.

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Skillet Quinoa with Black Beans, Cilantro and Feta

This quick and easy dish, brought to you by, is a made-to-order meal for everyday athletes. Quinoa, a gluten-free whole grain, and black beans supply athletes with carbohydrates, fibre, protein and other nutrients that help produce energy, restore cells and replenish nutrient stores. Canola oil keeps saturated fat to a minimum and lets the fresh ingredients shine.

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Where Is My Market?

Spring is in the air and along with it comes new ideas and products for the market place. Before launching a new product or service; however, it’s important to understand your market and your potential customers.

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Pest Corner

Plastic Mulch Can Help Tree Seedlings Survive

Planting trees on Alberta’s agricultural landscape in the form of shelterbelts provides a range of benefits. Jeff Renton, project manager at the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society (AWES), is an advocate of using plastic mulch for weed control in shelterbelts. His work at AWES involves helping farmers, ranchers and landowners establish shelterbelts on their property.

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Insect Hotspots for 2014

Scott Meers, insect management specialist with Alberta Agriculture, provides details on insect hotspots forecast for the coming growing season.

 Scott Meers talks about the coming growing season. > 



The Insect Monitoring Network

Scott Meers, the provincial insect management specialist, talks about the Insect Monitoring Network and a webinar, on March 26 at 1:30 p.m. To register, click this link.

 Meers provides details. > 



Ginseng 2.0 – Revisiting a Crop for Diversification

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.), the ginseng grown commercially in Canada, is a small, fleshy rooted perennial native to Eastern North America. It has price advantages, but also some specific production complications that must be considered.

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Growing Faba Bean in Alberta

When it comes to faba bean in Alberta, Robyne Bowness, pulse crop research and extension agronomist with Alberta Agriculture, says more growers are looking at this crop, which shows up in the acreage seen in 2013.

 Bowness provided details in a recent Call of the Land interview. > 



Cattle on Feed Report

Herb Lock of Farm$ense Marketing in Edmonton provides some interesting stats coming from a cattle on feed report.

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Cow Calfenomics Presentations Online

There’s still an opportunity to access the great information that was provided at Cow Calfenomics. Rick Dehod, farm financial specialist with Alberta Agriculture, says the presentations are now available on Alberta Agriculture’s website, by clicking this link.

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Livestock Care Conference

The 2014 Livestock Care Conference is tackling some hot topics this year. The conference is being held in Edmonton on March 26 and 27. For more information, click this link.

 Heini Hehli, chair of Alberta Farm Animal Care, talks about some of the highlights. > 


Selecting a Site for Short-Term Manure Storage

Laura Thygesen with CFO extension services with Alberta Agriculture, talks about what to consider when selecting a site for short-term manure storage. For more information, visit the AOPA website

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Access to Capital – Yours and the Banks

Agriculture is a capital intensive business, even at a small scale. Equipment, land and working capital require funds that typically exceed a beginning farmer’s savings.

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Western Canadian Organic Business Directory

The Western Canadian Organic Business Directory is hot off the presses. To get a copy of the directory, click this link, or call 1-855-521-2400.

 Becky Lipton, executive director of Organic Alberta, talks about this resource. > 


Choosing a Commodity Futures Broker

Farm managers who wish to expand their pricing alternatives by having direct access to a commodity futures account must use a commodity futures broker. Sometimes known as a Futures Commission Merchant, a broker can be a valuable asset to the farm manager. For more information, call 780-853-8104.

 Neil Blue, market specialist with Alberta Agriculture, talks about what should be kept in mind when choosing a broker. > 


Food & Ag Processing

Low Sodium/Low Salt Products in Demand

With increased consumption of processed foods, some Canadians consume almost double the recommended amount of sodium in their diet. This has led to an increased consumer demand for reduced sodium food options. Processors are looking to create low-salt processed meats to meet this demand. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development researcher, Dr. Zeb Pietrasik, hopes his team’s research into the effects of salt replacements on processed meats could help processors meet this goal.

 To learn more, click here to read ALMA’s latest information bulletin. > 


Marketing Nutrition Workbook – Delivering Well-Crafted Healthy Eating Messages

Consumers are increasingly choosing food products with health benefits. Food processors looking to gain market advantage and tap into this trend need to craft a meaningful message to their target audience and make sure that the communication efforts relay the intended healthy eating message. In a recent interview, Brenda Arychuk discussed the delivery of healthy eating messages.

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Rural Development

Nominations Deadline for Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame is April 30

It’s time to nominate someone you know who has made significant contributions to the agriculture and food industry and to the development and sustainability of rural life in Alberta. The nomination deadline for the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame is April 30. For more information, click this link.

 Rod Carlyon, chair of the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame selection committee, provides details. > 


The Public Consultations on the Municipal Government Act

The public consultations on the Municipal Government Act are at about the halfway mark. Melinda Steenbergen, policy advisor with Alberta Municipal Affairs, says there’s been good turnout so far. Remaining consultations are: March 26 to 28 in Brooks, April 2 to 4 in Grande Prairie, April 9 to 11 in Calgary, April 14 to 16 in Medicine Hat, and April 23 to 25 in Peace River. For more information, click this link, or call 310-0000.

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Women in the North Conference

The 7th annual Women in the North Conference is being held in Peace River on April 9. Sherry Crawford, projects coordinator with Community Futures, talks about what’s on the agenda at the conference. To get tickets for the Women in the North Conference, call 780-624-1161.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

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Food & Ag Processing

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Coming Events

Working Well Workshop
Cardston, Mar 25  Details > 

AFAC Livestock Care Conference
Edmonton, Mar 26 & 27 Details > 

Northlands Farm & Ranch Show
Edmonton, March 27-29 Details > 

Grain & Oilseed Marketing Course
Bear Canyon, Apr 7 – 9 Details > 

Women in the North Conference
Peace River, Apr 9  Details > 

Farm Dugouts
Pipestone, Apr 9  Details > 

Profitable Pastures
Westlock, Apr 12 – 13  Details > 

Getting into Farmers’ Markets

  • Grande Prairie, Apr 9
  • Leduc, Apr 16
  • Millarville, Apr 30

 Details > 


Vulnerable Populations: Creating Rural Connections 2014
Calgary, Apr 25  Details > 

Land Use 2014
Edmonton, May 7 & 8  Details > 

Workforce Development: Creating Rural Connections 2014
Grande Prairie, May 9  Details >

Municipal Sustainability: Creating Rural Connections 2014
Edmonton, May 26  Details > 

The Genomics of Profitability: Implications for Quality, Feed, Forage & Sustainability
Edmonton, August 12 – 14 Details > 

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