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Agri-News – RTW this week (Nov. 12, 2013)

News article



Minister Olson on Country of Origin Labeling

Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson has returned from Chicago where he was attending the North American Meat Association’s 2013 Outlook Conference to rally support to change U.S. mandatory Country of Origin Labeling, COOL rules.

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New Inductee to 4-H Alberta Hall of Fame

Clinton Zeigler of Vegreville is the newest member of the 4-H Alberta Hall of Fame in recognition of his contribution to youth mentorship.

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New Farm Implement Inspector

The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) welcomes Cal Vance as Farm Implement Inspector.


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Stracciatella Soup

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Introducing Pinterest

This webinar, being held on November 19 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., will provide information on what Pinterest is and why it can be a big deal for any new media strategy. This is one of the interactive information series that gives participants a chance to learn and connect with on-the-ground practitioners.

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What’s New in Ag Information

Traceability and Transporting Alberta Cattle

This new factsheet looks at transporting out-of-province cattle in Alberta, transportaton regulations, livestock manifests, and more.

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Traceability and Transporting Alberta Horses

Discusses transportaton regulations, livestock manifests, permits, and transporting out-of-province horses in Alberta.

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Alberta Barley Launches New Website

Alberta Barley has launched its new website, featuring up-to-date information and resources for barley farmers.

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Alberta Wheat Commission Names New Directors

The Regional Directors for the 2014 Board of the Alberta Wheat Commission have been confirmed. The full list of Directors is included in a recent AWC news release that can be viewed by clicking this link.


Alberta Wheat Commission Partners to Strengthen Wheat Breeding

The Alberta Wheat Commission, along with the Western Grains Research Foundation and the Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance, partnered with the Government of Canada to invest $25.2 million to support the development of new and improved wheat varieties as part of the National Wheat Improvement Project (NWIP).

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Three Farmers Acclaimed as Alberta Barley Directors

Three Alberta Barley Directors have been acclaimed to the board. Region Four Director Bernie Klammer (Vegreville) and Region Three Director-at-Large Mike Ammeter (Sylvan Lake) will return for a second term, while Jason Lenz of Bentley will replace outgoing Vice-Chairman Trevor Petersen (Penhold) as Director in Region Three. Petersen recently finished serving his second three-year term.

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Alberta Barley Commission Regional Meetings

Alberta Barley Commission regional meetings are underway. Chairman Matt Sawyer talks about the importance of growers attending the meetings. Alberta Barley regional meetings are as follows: November 13 in Acme, November 15 in Westlock, November 19 in Lacombe, November 21 in Vegreville, November 26 in Lethbridge, and November 28 in Sexsmith. Meetings run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, visit the Alberta Barley website.

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AgriProfit$ Newsletter for Alberta Cattlemen

The latest AgriProfit$ newsletter for Alberta Cattlemen is now available. Click here to read the Agri-News story



Developing a New Agriculture Product

When developing a new farm product, there is a process that is important to follow to ensure the investment makes money.

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Rancher’s Risk and Return Calculator

Bruce Viney, a risk management specialist with Alberta Agriculture discusses the new calculator.

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New Venture Coaching

Alberta Agriculture has a number of new venture coaches. Find out more about new venture coaches, and about how they can assist producers, from Marissa Brewer.


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Farm Succession Workshops

Two workshops will address the major issues in farm succession and succession planning, from legal to financial. The workshops will also include information on how to build effective business structures and what is involved in the whole process. The two locations and dates are Vegreville on November 13 and Vermilion on November 14, 2013. For further information and to register, contact Owen Nelsen at 780-632-8845.


The AgriProfit$ Program

Dale Kaliel, senior economist, production economics with Alberta Agriculture, talks about creating “measures that matter” in the farm business through the AgriProfit$ program. To learn more about the AgriProfit$ Business Analysis and Research program, call the Economics Branch at 780-422-3771.

 Click to hear what Kaliel has to say. >

Growing Forward 2 Business Management Skills Development Program

The Growing Forward 2 Business Management Skills Development Program is for agricultural producers, new producers, agri-processing industry staff and producer groups to help them improve their business management skills through timely training and targeted skills development. Stephanie Kosinski, business opportunity grant specialist with Alberta Agriculture, provides details. For more information on the Growing Forward 2 Business Management Skills Development Program, visit the Growing Forward 2 website, call the Ag Info Centre at 310-FARM, or give Stephanie Kosinski a call at 780-980-4888.

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Food & Ag Processing

New Research Looks at the Importance of Choline for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

Folic acid is a familiar supplement for mothers-to-be, but there are many other nutrients that play an important role in fetal development. Choline is known to be essential for fetal development and maternal health, but dietary choline intake is difficult to estimate. This is due to limitations in the available information on the sources and amount of choline in local foods, and is further complicated by the presence of several forms of choline. University of Alberta professors Curtis, Field and Jacobs are combining their interests in the fields of human nutrition, food science and analytical chemistry.

 Click here to read this new factsheet from ALMA. >

New Factsheets on Agri-Food Exports

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s Statistics and Data Development Branch has released two documents:


For further information, contact Barb Pekalski, trade research statistician, at 780-427-5386


Potential Uses for Biomass Explored at Upcoming Conference

The Using Biomass Now Conference will explore potential uses for biomass in Alberta while providing an opportunity for interested community officials, business owners and others to make valuable connections.

 Click here for the Agri-News article >

Consultations on the Draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Consultations are underway on the Draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan—the second of seven regional plans to be released under the provincial Land-Use Framework. There are opportunities for input aside from attending a consultation session, and also consultations for those who don’t live in the South Saskatchewan region.

 Hear the Call of the Land story  >

Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Water Management Program

The On-Farm Water Management Program under Growing Forward 2 provides technical assistance to agricultural producers to complete a Long-Term Water Management Plan, and shares the cost of related enhancements of their on-farm water supply management. The program addresses two key industry priorities: improved resource management and improved production capacity. Darcy Talma, agricultural water specialist with Alberta Agriculture, talks about the program . To find out more about this or any other Growing Forward 2 program, call the Ag Info Centre at 310-FARM, or visit the Growing Forward 2 website.

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Rural Development

Alberta Rural Development Network Launches New, Rural-focused Blog

ARDN One is the the Alberta Rural Development Network‘s rural blog.

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Benefits of a Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is gaining momentum in Alberta, with more than 30 such farms using this model to connect their farm-fresh produce with customers. Tristan Klesick runs a similar operation in Washington state, and is one of the speakers at next week’s Building Your CSA workshop. Klesick talks about the benefits of CSAs and the Building Your CSA workshop is in Red Deer on November 14. For more information, visit the Explore Direct website.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Coming Events



What’s New in Ag Information




Food & Ag Processing


Rural Development

Coming Events

Green Industry Show & Conference
Edmonton, Nov 14 & 15  Details >

Alberta Wheat Commission – Regional Meetings

  • Region 5A –Rycroft, November 14 – *elections for 2 Directors and 3 Regional Reps will take place at this meeting
  • Region 5B – Westlock, November 15
  • Region 3 – Lacombe, November 19
  • Region 2 – Strathmore, November 21
  • Region 1 – Lethbridge, November 26 – *elections for 2 Directors and 3 Regional Reps will take place at this meeting
  • Region 4 – Vegreville, December 11


Alberta Pork AGM
Calgary, November 14  Details >

Buck Brannanman Horsemanship & Ranch Roping Clinics
High River, Nov 16 – 18  Details >

Advanced Agronomy Conference
Leduc, Nov 19 & 20  Details >

Cow Calfenomics 2013 – Tools and Strategies for Better Decisions
Vermilion, Nov 25

Veteran, Nov 26

Olds, Nov 27

Lethbridge, Nov 28

Canfax Cattle Market Forum
Calgary, November 26 & 27  Details >

Pesticide Applicator Re-certification Credits Training
Red Deer, Dec 4  Details >

Working Well Workshop
Mulhurst, Dec 4  Details >

Canadian Forage & Grassland Association Conference and AGM
Olds, Dec  9 – 11  Details >

Precision Ag 2.0 Conference
Calgary, Feb 11 & 12  Details >

Created November 12, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

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