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Agri-News – RTW this week – Oct 21, 2013

News article



Post-Harvest Nutrient Management

With the completion of harvest in many areas across the province, producers will already be thinking about the 2014 crop year. One aspect of next year’s crop production that can be considered this fall is nutrient management.

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Ag for Life 2013 Harvest Gala

The second annual Harvest Gala is being held in Edmonton on November 2, 2013. This event brings together rural and urban communities to celebrate the agriculture sector, its people and its food. The Agriculture for Life Harvest Gala is a unique opportunity to celebrate Alberta’s agricultural roots and spend an evening experiencing a fusion of urban and rural style and design.

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Update on the Harvest

Lukas Matejovsky, crop statistician with Alberta Agriculture, provides an update on this year’s crop and a brief summary of the growing season.

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Grilled Marinated Bison Flank Sandwiches

Chef Andrew Stevens, corporate chef at Vintage Group, created this recipe that includes deliciously marinated Bison flank steak and pairs it with a charred pepper vinaigrette and a horseradish sauce. Your family will love them! The I Love Bison website features several great recipes you will want to try.

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Explore Local Initiatives Stakeholder Webinar

An Explore Local Initiatives stakeholder webinar is being held on November  6, from  9:00 until 10:00 a.m.  This webinar is targeted for local food stakeholders, including local market industry associations, related industry associations, local food initiatives, restaurants, institutions and all levels of government. For further information, contact Carmen Andrew at 403-340-5542.

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Food Safety

Exploring Food Safety

Producing a safe food product is the number one priority of any food producer. This public health priority is driven by consumers seeking assurances that their food is being produced in a safe manner. The 2012 Alternative Agricultural Markets in Alberta study indicated that consumers rate food safety as one of their top five reasons for purchasing food grown or made in Alberta. Answering to this production priority, the Building a Food Safety Culture workshops are being held in November 2013.

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Pest Corner

Alberta Crop Insect Report 2013

The final Alberta Crop Insect Update 2013 has been posted on Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s website. The noctuid family takes top billing of insect issues for 2013 in Alberta. Bertha armyworm was once again an issue in central Alberta and parts of the Peace River region. Army cutworms also were a concern in southern Alberta early in the crop year.

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Export Markets

Taste of Canada Showcase

The Taste of Canada Showcase – Season 3, Canada’s largest food and beverage showcase in the United States, is being held in Chicago, Illinois, on February 10 and 11, 2014. This event will feature over 50 Canadian exporters who will present food and beverage products to more than 50 pre-screened U.S. importers, buyers and distributors from the retail and food service industries in the U.S. midwest. Alberta businesses interested in being part of the next Taste of Canada Showcase are invited to visit this website for further details.


Crop Survey and Provincial Variety Recommendation List

Of the 12 fields of seeded winter wheat and volunteer winter wheat in Southern Alberta surveyed for stripe rust in during the first week of October, no stripe rust was observed. Dr. Denis Gaudet, AAFC-Lethbridge, reports that this is good news for producers who now won’t have to worry about potential overwintering of stripe rust in the region.

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Proposed Changes to Grain Payments

The chief commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission says a new insurance-based program to make sure farmers get paid for grain they have delivered could be in place by early next year. The proposed model is supposed to provide better protection at a lower cost than the current bond-based system.

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Grain Quality Lab

Among the many breeding programs and variety research conducted at the Field Crop Development Centre, a vital piece of research is the grain quality lab. Lori Oatway, a research scientist for grain quality with Alberta Agriculture who runs that lab, talks about the lab.

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Seasonality of Fertilizer Prices

As farmers are wrapping up harvest, attention turns to considering next year’s production plans, one of which is fertilizer.



Deciding When to Apply Fertilizer

Nevin Rosaasen, research economist with Alberta Agriculture, discusses why farmers would consider applying fertilizer in the fall, given the seasonality in prices and costs associated with storing fertilizer. Rosaasen says it’s important to consider these and other factors when looking at whether to apply fertilizer in the spring or fall to get every dollar out of the fertilizer choice.

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Safe Storage of Crops

Reports for this year include comments about great yields and great crops this year. Harry Brook, crop specialist at the Ag Info Centre, says now that harvest is underway and wrapping up in some areas, it comes down to getting the full value for that crop. For more information, call the Ag Info Centre at 310-3276.

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CETA Secures Future for Alberta Barley Farmers

Alberta Barley is optimistic that the newly signed Canada–European Union Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) will help to secure our agricultural future and unlock the significant potential for further global trade.

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Check All Bins of Stored Canola

A lot of canola went in the bin hot and will still be hot unless it has been aerated or turned to cool it down. Pockets of green seed, tough seed and dockage within an otherwise dry and cool bin can also lead to spoilage. Damage often occurs when you least expect it.

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Fall Soil Testing

As thoughts turn to the 2014 crop year, one aspect of crop production that can be considered this fall is nutrient management. The fall season allows two very important nutrient management activities to be carried out: soil fertility evaluation and fertilizer application. Mark Cutts, crop specialist at the Ag Info Centre, talks about soil testing in the fall and fall fertilizer application.

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Alberta Stables Initiative Stables Seminar & Forums 2013

The Alberta Stables Initiative (ASI) is hosting an important forum during Farmfair International, in Edmonton on November 8, 2013. This two-part meeting will start with an information session by industry expert Randy Fedorak, followed by a feedback forum for stable owners.

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Bison Producers of Alberta Fall Field Day

The Bison Producers of Alberta  (BPA) is hosting the 2013 Peace Country Regional Meeting in Grande Prairie at the Evergreen Park Agriculture Facility on October 26, 2013. The meeting will include an update from the BPA and speaker presentations in the morning, and, following lunch, a farm tour of an Elk Operation at Grovedale Game Ranch. The farm tour will provide an opportunity for producers to see the differences and similarities between an elk and a bison ranch. Cost of the day’s event is $20 per person. Pre-registration is required. To register, contact Linda at 780-955-1995.

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Fall Farm Activities for Confined Feeding Operations

Fall is a good time to do a number of activities around the farm or ranch. Cody Metheral, confined feeding operations extension specialist with Alberta Agriculture, says that’s also the case for confined feeding operations.  For more information, contact the Ag Info Centre toll-free at 310-3276.

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Swine Technology Workshop

The 15th annual Red Deer Swine Technology Workshop is October 30. Event organizer, Bernie Peet comments on what to expect and on the focus of the workshop. For more information, call Peet at403-782-3776.

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Banff Pork Seminar 2014

Banff Pork Seminar 2014, being held in Banff on January 21 to 23, 2014, will target Today’s challenges, tomorrow’s opportunities.  


There aren’t many big questions facing Albertans in pork production or agriculture generally, and the upcoming Banff Pork Seminar has set an aggressive program to tackle those issues.

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Entries for FX Aherne Prize for Pork Innovation Being Accepted Until October 31

Each year the Banff Pork Seminar (BPS) features a special prize for innovation in pork production. Named the FX Aherne Prize, it honors long-time pork industry icon and innovator, Dr. Frank Aherne.

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Importance of Advisory Boards

The Developing a Business Advisory Board workshop is being presented by Alberta Agriculture in Leduc on November 7. Kathy Bosse, a new venture coach with Alberta Agriculture, talks about how this workshop can benefit those in the agriculture and agri-food industry. To register for the workshop, call toll-free 1-800-387-6030.

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Developing a Business Advisory Board Workshop

A strong advisory board is key to the success and strength of a business. Alberta Agriculture is presenting Developing a Business Advisory Board workshop in Leduc on November 7. Shauna Feth, who is delivering the course, talks about the importance of advisory boards and what participants will get out of the workshop. To register for the Developing a Business Advisory Board workshop, call1-800-387-6030.

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Having the Right People on an Advisory Board

Shauna Feth, who is presenting the Developing a Business Advisory Board workshop, discusses the importance of having the right people on an advisory board. Alberta Agriculture is presenting the Developing a Business Advisory Board workshop in Leduc on November 7. To register, call 1-800-387-6030.

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Sulphur World Symposium 2014

Registration has opened for the Sulphur World Symposium 2014. This annual event attracts high-level sulphur industry leaders for two days of expert speakers, networking events, and industry tours. The 2014 event, hosted by the Sulphur Institute is being held in Long Beach, California, on April 7 to 9, 2014.

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Rural Development

Alberta Credit Unions Plant Trees in Areas Devastated by Flooding

In recognition of the 75th anniversary of their establishment in Alberta, the province’s credit unions planted 75 seedlings in three communities hardest hit by flooding in June.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

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Rural Development

Coming Events

15th Annual Red Deer Swine Technology
Red Deer, Oct 30  Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Stock Dog Competition
Lloydminster, Oct 31  Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Pure Bred Show
Lloydminster, Oct 31 – Nov 2 Details > 

Gathering of Alberta Co-Operatives 2013
Red Deer, Nov 1 & 2  Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Commercial Show & Sale
Lloydminster, Nov 1  Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Ranch Horse Show/Competition Sale
Lloydminster, Nov 2  Details > 

Farmfair International
Edmonton, Nov 3 – 10  Details >

Canadian Finals Rodeo
Edmonton, Nov 6 – 10  Details >

Working Well Workshops
Calmar, Nov 5

Mulhurst, Dec 5

Building a Food Safety Culture
Leduc, Nov 6

Airdrie, Nov 13

Developing a Business Advisory Board
Leduc, Nov 7  Details > 

Green Industry Show & Conference
Edmonton, Nov 14 & 15 Details > 

Buck Brannanman Horsemanship & Ranch Roping Clinics
High River, Nov 16 – 18 Details > 

Advanced Agronomy Conference
Leduc, Nov 19 & 20  Details > 

Cow Calfenomics 2013 – Tools and Strategies for Better Decisions
Vermilion, Nov 25

Veteran, Nov 26

Olds, Nov 27

Lethbridge, Nov 28

Canfax Cattle Market Forum
Calgary, November 26 & 27 Details > 

Canadian Forage & Grassland Association Conference and AGM
Olds, Dec 9 – 11  Details > 

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