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Alfalfa Autotoxicity

When looking to breathe new life into an old alfalfa stand, alfalfa autotoxicity is one factor to be carefully considered before developing rejuvenation plans.

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Alfalfa Toxicity Affects Seedling Emergence and Growth

Both seedling emergence and growth are reduced by alfalfa autotoxicity. Plants that do emerge are often stunted and may show purpling, indicating a lack of nutrients. Root growth is most severely affected. Roots are swollen, discoloured, curled and lack root hairs. They end up branching more than normal and tend to be shallower. This negatively impacts the longevity of the stand, as it reduces the plants’ abilities to take up water and nutrients.

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Alberta Crop Report – June 4, 2013

The latest crop report has been posted on Alberta Agriculture’s website.

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Golden Cheddar Pancakes

Egg Farmers of Alberta have a wonderful website that is chock-full of great information and wonderful recipes. Treat the family to these amazing pancakes as part of a breakfast treat.

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Marketing Information in an Open Market

if you’re looking for information on marketing in the open market, Alberta Agriculture has put together a number of resources as a follow-up from a series of workshops held earlier this year. Joel Bokenfohr, manager of business structures and financial policy with Alberta Agriculture, discusses the new material.

Hear the Call of the Land interview with Joel Bokenfofr

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Pest Corner

Growing Forward 2 Improved Pesticide Management Program

Mike Hittinger, Growing Forward extension specialist, discusses the Improved Pesticide Management Program under Growing Forward 2, in these Call of the Land interviews.



Weekly Insect Update

Scott Meers, insect management specialist with Alberta Agriculture, provides a weekly update on insect issues. This week, he has a couple of recommendations about spraying.

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What’s New in Publications

Agronomic Management of Winter Pea and Winter Lentil in Alberta

Winter pea and winter lentil can be profitable options to include in southern Alberta crop rotations. This new factsheet includes sections on seeding rates, planting rates, survivability,flowering and disease, and more.

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Alberta Wheat Commission Launches New Growing Guide for Winter Wheat

The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) has released the Winter Wheat Production Manual, a project originally spear-headed by the former Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission but handed over to the AWC’s Winter Wheat Class Advisory Committee for completion.

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Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Town Hall Meetings

Producers are invited to attend the upcoming Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) Town Hall Meetings. They will be held in Lethbridge at The Greatest Hall at the Grandstand at Exhibition Park on June 25, 2013, and in Westlock at the Hazel Bluff Community Hall on June 26, 2013.

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Confined Feeding Operations Stewardship Program Under Growing Forward 2

The Confined Feeding Operations Stewardship Program under Growing Forward 2 was launched a couple of weeks ago, and is now open for applications.

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Working the Records – Moving Beyond Production

An Alberta Agriculture specialist says that it is through attention to detail that farm managers can move beyond production to increase profits.

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Dealing with Runoff from Confined Feeding Operations

Andy Cumming, director of field services with the Natural Resources Conservation Board discusses runoff from confined feeding operations and why it could be an issue.

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Watershed Alliance Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Forum of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance Society takes place on Thursday, June 20, 2013, at the at the Quality Inn North Hill in Red Deer.

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Runoff from Confined Feeding Operations

Vince Murray, an AOPA engineer with Alberta Agriculture, discusses the department’s role with runoff from confined feeding operations.

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Research & Technology

Crop Disease Research at Lacombe

 Kequan Xi is a cereal pathologist for Alberta Agriculture, focusing on barley, triticale and wheat. Xi says his job is to screen for various diseases, one of which is scald in barley, another fusarium in wheat, and stripe rust, also in wheat.

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Still Time to Register for the Farming Smarter Bus Tour to Montana

There’s still time to register for the Montana Research Bus Tour hosted by Farming Smarter. Assistant manager Jamie Puchinger has some of the highlights of the tour.

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Created June 12, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

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