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Alberta Agriculture Working with Producers on Flooding Situation

Alberta Agriculture is currently working with producers to assess the impact of flooding in southern Alberta and will also be helping with recovery. The latest information on the flooding situation can be found at Additional agricultural information related to flooding is available on Alberta Agriculture’s homepage,

Alberta Dutch Elm Awareness Week

Dutch Elm Disease Awareness Week is recognized annually throughout the province of Alberta from June 22- 28.

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Farmers Hope Crops Avoid Hail Damage This Year

As crops start to grow and another hail season begins, farmers across the province are hoping to be spared from the kind of record hail damage that battered crops in every part of Alberta last year.

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2014 Outstanding Young Farmers Program Nominations are Open

Nominations are now open for the 2014 Outstanding Young Farmers Program within the Alberta/Northwest Territories (NWT) region.

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Alberta Beans & Bacon

These traditional baked beans tast great served over pumpernickel bread or as a side dish to any barbeque! TheAlberta Pulse Growers’ website features dozens of wonderful recipes that feature pulses. The website also features a vegan, vegetarian and gluten free section.

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Pest Corner

Weekly Insect Update

Scott Meers, insect management specialist with Alberta Agriculture, says there have been a number of calls of cereal leaf beetle activity in southern parts of the province.

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What’s New in Publications

Economics of Beekeeping in Alberta 2011 

This report provides detailed information on the economics of beekeeping in the province, specifically for honey production and pollination during the 2011 production year.

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Crop Walks and Plot Tours

Summer is prime time for crop walks and plot tours where participants will get to see all sorts of things first-hand. Sheri Strydhorst, an agronomy research scientist with Alberta Agriculture, talks about some of the tours she’s got lined up.

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In-Crop Fertilizer Applications

The importance of applying fertilizer nutrients to maximize crop production is well recognized. While most producers apply all of the required fertilizer at the time of seeding in the spring, Mark Cutts, crop specialist at the Ag Info Centre, says there are conditions under which farmers might consider in-crop fertilizer application.

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Micronutrient Requirements 

Every year Ross McKenzie, agronomy research scientist with Alberta Agriculture gets questions on micronutrients, which he says are receiving a fair bit of interest and promotion. Here, McKenzie shares his his thoughts on what, if any, micronutrients are required.

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Leaf Spot Diseases

Neil Whatley, crop specialist at the Ag Info Centre, discusses assessing the risk level of leaf spot diseases in wheat.

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In-Crop Fertilizer Applications to Deal with Nutrient Deficiencies

Mark Cutts, crop specialist at the Ag Info Centre, discusses what to do  when a nutrient deficiency is detected.

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Alberta Crop Report – June 18, 2013

The latest crop report has been posted on Alberta Agriculture’s website.

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Marketing Lambs

With winter lambs coming to market now, it’s a good idea to take a look at how to market those lambs. Interview with Alberta Agriculture sheep industry specialist Sue Hosford.

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Getting the Right Lamb to the Target Market

Sue Hosford, sheep industry specialist with Alberta Agriculture  discusses marketing lambs and the importance of getting the right lamb to the target market.

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Money and Business Plans

Elaine Stenbraaten, new venture coach, looks at the importance of a business plan when starting or growing a business.

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The Food Processing Industry in Alberta

The food processing industry in our province is a multi-billion dollar industry. Ted Johnston, president and CEO of the Alberta Food Processors Association discusses the industry and an exciting event recognizing some Alberta products,

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Ottawa Announces Funding for New Growing Forward 2 Program

Ottawa has announced up to $15 million for the launch of a newGrowing Forward 2 program to encourage the development and adoption of new private sector or producer-funded agricultural risk management tools.

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Research & Technology

Lakeland College Receives Federal Funding for Agricultural Research

Agricultural research at Lakeland College received a boost last week, with a $2.3 million investment from the College and Community Innovation Program.

Created June 26, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

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