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5 Agronomy Smarts Scholarships

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alberta wheat commission

Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) generously sponsors five Farming Smarter 2021 Agronomy Smarts subscriptions for young farmers or agriculture students. It’s a simple process to take advantage of all the learing available through Farming Smarter events, workshops and digital content on various platforms.

Alberta Wheat Commission asked that the applicants be between 18 and 39 and derive a minimum two-thirds of their income from their farm operation or be a current post-secondary student in an agriculture related program. 

Alberta Wheat Commission priorities include equipping farmers with the most advanced genetics and up-to-date agronomic management strategies; extension and education initiatives that provide tools to improve farm operations. 

There is a simple questionaire to fill out to be eligible. Apply now to before they’re all gone! 

Created May 17, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

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