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ARD SADD Branch Statistical Publications – Feb. 20, 2015 Releases

News article

2015 Alberta Average Farm Input Prices

Agriculture Farm Input Charts and Graphs

Since 1976, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Statistics and Data Development Branch has carried out a monthly survey of prices for selected Alberta farm inputs. The prices are collected by the Alberta Federation of Agriculture in partnership with the Statistics and Data Development Branch.

Periodically, a comprehensive review of the survey is undertaken, to ensure that the inputs monitored are relevant and consistent with Alberta’s current farming practices, and that there is adequate coverage across the province. Most recently, a comprehensive review of the survey in 2011 resulted in the number of farm inputs increasing from 53 to 56. Effective 2012, the revised list of farm inputs includes several new inputs, while some of the old inputs were dropped or modified.

Monthly average prices reported are intended to serve as a guide only. Actual prices at specific locations may differ from these provincial averages.

As of April 1, 2009, this project was sponsored by Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial agreement.

For further assistance with Alberta farm input prices contact:

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Economics and Competitiveness Division
Statistics and Data Development Branch
302, 7000 – 113 St.
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6
Phone: 780-427-4011
Fax: 780-427-5220

2015 Edmonton Average Weekly Nutritious Food Basket Prices

A nutritious food basket is a food-costing tool that is a measure of the cost of healthy eating based on current nutrition recommendations. Nutritious food baskets have been used in Canada for half a century to assess the cost of an adequate diet in both health and social service contexts. One of Canada’s oldest food costing resources has been in use by the Montreal Diet Dispensary since 1948. The federal government became involved in food costing in 1974, more recently by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada who developed and priced the Nutritious Food Basket and the Thrifty Nutritious Food Basket. These food baskets provided benchmark costs for feeding 23 age and gender groups in 18 cities across the country until 1995. Edmonton Nutritious Food Basket Prices, first developed in 1995, was based on these standards. In 1998, a national nutritious food basket, revised to reflect current nutrition recommendations and food purchase patterns, was developed by Health Canada.

Beginning in 2000, the Edmonton basket was updated based on Health Canada’s National Nutritious Food Basket – 1998. In 2004, a review of the Edmonton Nutritious Food Basket was undertaken to ensure that the latest information available from Health Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating and Statistics Canada’sFamily Food Expenditure Survey was reflected in the basket of food items priced. As a result, in 2004, the contents of the Edmonton basket were updated. A further review and update of the national basket was conducted by Health Canada in 2008, resulting in the release of the 2008 National Nutritious Food Basket. Subsequently, the Edmonton nutritious food basket was updated in 2009 based on the 2008 National Nutritious Food Basket which reflects the latest nutrition recommendation.

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Created March 9, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

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