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Wireworm laying on Alberta soil. Photo: Haley Catton

With information from Dr. Hector Carcamo and Haley Catton AAFC research scientists.

Dr. Haley Catton a Cereal Crop Entomology scientist and researcher points out that wireworm is a chronic pest in Canada and native to Alberta’s grasslands. They seem to prefer grain crops, but will attack most crops.

As she mentions in the video, research is behind on wireworm and she aims to answer many of the questions farmers may have now that an effective seed treatment can disrupt its lifecycle to allow a crop to mature.

“Know the history of dead patches in your fields,” she said.  If you see a dead patch, dig at the edges of the patch and look for wireworms. “If you find them, use treated seed in those areas.”

Three species of Alberta wireworm

There’s a national network working on wireworm through AAFC. Every region has their own species to research.

Visit Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Insect Identification information on Wireworm

From Wheatstalk 2018, Dr. Haley Catton talks beneficial insects and wireworm

Created May 23, 2019 | Category: Bug of the Month

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