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Durum Roll, Please!

Created July 30, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Durum prices are rising, we’re here to help increase your yield! Last week, we hosted our Lethbridge Plot Hop event. There, Ken Coles, Farming Smarter Executive Director, gave a presentation on our Precision Planted Durum. These plots have been testing the affects of agronomy tools on the yield of irrigated durum yields. We tested precision […]

herbicide resistant kochia field

Kochia Loves This Drought!

Created July 21, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Weed WisdomBy Dr. Charles Geddes Kochia enjoys a dry, hot year. There is less competition from the crops. Due to the lack of precipitation this year, many crops have experienced inhibited growth which leaves more resources available to the pesky weed. What is causing this? While the heat has a negative impact on crops, the […]

Having Fun with Fungi

Created July 16, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Fungi can devastate crops quickly and spraying them can quickly add up. If you’re spending that money, you want to know it’s going to work – but how do you know if you need to spray your crops before it’s too late? Farming Smarter is researching the effectiveness of spore trapping as a cost-effective way […]

dakota lakes

Mimic Nature to Increase Yields and Decrease Inputs

Created July 7, 2021 | Category: Business

Way back Wednesday From the Farming Smarter magazine Spring 2019 by Kristi Cox Farm soils require crop producers to make a transformational shift in thinking according to Dwayne Beck, Research Manager at Dakota Lakes Research Farm who spoke at the December Farming Smarter Conference.  He maintains that incremental changes might make small improvements, but to create a monumental difference takes a revolutionary change in approach.   Dakota Lakes […]

biomass biostims

As above, so below

Created June 25, 2021 | Category: Farming Smarter

Above ground and below ground biomass are strong indicators of crop health and yield potential. With all things being equal, a crop with poorly developed roots that brandish small, spindly slightly coloured leaves will more often than not yield much less than the same crop that has a long, highly developed root system and large, […]

tractor seeder

News From The Field

Created June 18, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Field Tested is up and rolling again for the 2021 research season with 23 on-farm trials located across Southern Alberta. The Field Tested research crew has been busy visiting fields and collecting range of early-season data. They’ve looked at things like flea beetle damage, emergence, canopy closure, weed populations and crop heights and staging. This […]

herbicide resistant kochia field

Cutting Back Herbicide Resistant Kochia

Created June 11, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Using precision agriculture tools can help identify and respond to kochia pressure in farmers fields. Farming Smarter’s herbicide resistant kochia research project is now entering its third field season. It began the research project with the research team gathering information from each field in the study. This includes historic yield, soil conductivity, soil samples, and […]


Agriculture Internships with Cash Incentives

Created June 9, 2021 | Category: Growing Knowledge

Your business can be the next home for an up & coming superstar – CAREERS: The Next Generation offers cash incentives to hire interns. There are three funding levels, based on hours of work, for internships within: Trades (Agriculture Equipment Technician); Information & Communication Technology (Precision Ag, Social Media & Marketing, Data Capture & Analysis), […]

pea leaf weevil

Pea Leaf Weevil: Monitoring and Control

Created June 4, 2021 | Category: Farming Smarter

Farming Smarter has pea leaf weevil under a microscope this year for the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network. Pea Leaf Weevil populations in southern Alberta remain at levels that could cause concern in 2021 particularly in areas that had extensive damage in surveys last year. With our survey, we hope to better understand the patterns of […]

soil till probe

Portable neutron probe installation

Created May 21, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Moisture is an important choice in a soil till method. Because till methods lead to vastly different moisture and temperature levels, it can be difficult to know which method is best for your crop. The advantage of no-tilling means your soil will have more moisture, at the cost of a lower temperature. The inverse is […]

regional orgs

Living Lab for Ag Climate Solutions

Created May 17, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Farming Smarter wants to create a Living Lab for agriculture climate solutions with partners and deliver practical agriculture solutions to southern Alberta through a recently announced federal government program – Agricultural Climate Solutions (ACS). The goal of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada program is to support the development and implementation of farming practices that store […]

southern alberta greenhouse

Prairie Farm Crop Production Future Changes

Created May 12, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Amaethon’s March Report examined future changes prairie farm crop production could face. The main objective was to identify the most concerning issues facing prairie farm crop production. As farms continue to get bigger, autonomous equipment is seen as a natural development that would also help address labour shortages. However, without stable internet in all corners […]

seeder feature

Farming Smarter – Full Seed Ahead!

Created May 7, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Farming Smarter has about a third of its agronomy projects seeded and expects to finish by May Long. Seeding challenges this year was the inclusion of early seeding dates and some intentionally late seeding dates in order to fit ongoing research projects. One of the research projects includes strip tilling of corn early in the […]

ripe canola

Variable Rate Nitrogen in Canola

Created May 5, 2021 | Category: Farm Business Management

Variable rate nitrogen applications in Canola may only work in certain circumstances, according to the recently published study. Economic Evaluation of Variable Rate Nitrogen Management of Canola for Zones Based on Histroical Yield Maps and Soil Test Recommendations By using precision agriculture strategies such as management zones, there is potential to increase profitability. However, the […]

facility tour

2021 Research Team Ready

Created April 28, 2021 | Category: Events

Farming Smarter continues its research projects in 2021 with an infusion of eight research assistants and three practicum students. “This is the most summer students we have ever hired. The past few years, we had interns from France where the agriculture degree has a requirement for international work experience. Due to COVID, French students cannot […]


Report: Winter Pea and Lentil in Alberta

Created December 11, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

 New Study Report: Adaptability and Quality of Winter Pea and Lentil in Alberta Farming Smarter participated in this trial that shows winter pulse crops have potential in the Bow Island and Lethbridge areas of southern Alberta. Adaptability and Quality of Winter Pea and Lentil in Alberta


Field School and Disease Crop Walk videos now online!

Created August 23, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Check out our new videos from the 2015 Field School and the 2015 Disease Crop Walk 2015 Farming Smarter Field School 2015 Disease Crop Walk

#FSFS15 Lethbridge Herald – hemp session

Created June 29, 2015 | Category: Events

Hemp becoming popular cash crop by Garrett Simmons, on June 24, 2015 LH_Hemp becoming popular cash crop_June 24, 2014


Field School 2015 Preview Video

Created June 12, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter


New Video – Candid Modern Farmers

Created April 16, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Candid Modern Farmers What does sustainability mean to a southern Alberta farmer? It means a prosperous and healthy livelihood for future generations. This is no small thing. It means protecting natural resources through intelligent farm practices that recognize renewable is only true if you make it so. They want you to know they love the […]


Grainews: Smarter Farming launches my film career

Created April 13, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Smarter Farming launches my film career  Original post from Lee’s Blog Farming Smarter, the southern Alberta applied research association, based in Lethbridge, launched my film career today. I play a brief but pivotal role in Farming Smarter’s latest promotional video called “Not Grandpa’s Farm”. If you really pay attention near the end, I have a […]


Not Grandpa’s Farm – New FS Video!

Created April 8, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Not Grandpa’s Farm (Changes) #FSfuturefarm It may be Grandpa’s farm but it isn’t Grandpa’s farming. Technology transformation and modern farming realities mean that today’s farmers need advanced education and lifelong learning to succeed. Farming Smarter helps with lifelong learning.Farmers include: Robert Weisgerber – Schuler, Fred Weisgerber – Schuler, Andrew Kirscherman – Hilda, – Matt Stanford – […]

Spring 2015 FS Magazine now available!

Created March 17, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Click the image below to view the full issue


Agri-News – This week in Agriculture

Created January 13, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

Features Cow-Calfenomics Heads North Cow-Calfenomics 2014/2015 – Seizing Opportunities in the Alberta Cow-Calf Sector is heading north. “Cow-Calfenomics is an information session designed for Alberta’s beef producers,” says Rick Dehod, farm financial specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Edmonton. “The series focuses on enhancing farm business management knowledge and demonstrating tools available to enhance decision-making […]

Ranch pencils out profit with bale, swath grazing

Created January 6, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

View this article on the Western Producer Producer urges those planning to winter graze to have their feed tested and provide windbreaks for cattle MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — Steve Kenyon uses a lot of multi-purpose farm equipment, and he doesn’t own any of it. As well, the no-till drill, the fertilizer spreader, the combine and […]


Four life lessons from the farm that will serve you well in life

Created January 6, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

View this article on Alberta Farmer Express Fifteen-year-old Andrea De Groot has a thing or two to teach us adults about life on — and off — the farm. And those lessons have been learned working alongside her farmer father. “On the outside, I may look like a regular high school girl,” said De Groot, a […]


In dry years, tall stubble can make all the difference in yields

Created January 5, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

Article from Alberta Farmer Express Leaving tall stubble standing in the field can add an inch 
of soil moisture and boost yields by as much as 17 per cent Large chunks of Alberta have seen some wet years recently, but water tends to be the most limiting factor for crop growth. And there’s only two remedies […]


Conference 2014 Articles from Western Producer

Created December 14, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Burger Chain wants more Canadian Beef MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A & W does not use hamburger derived from cull cows. As well, it continues to buy some of the meat for its Canadian burgers from the United States and Australia. Queried by producers during a Dec. 3 Farming Smarter conference, A & W purchasing […]


Conference Commercial

Created November 19, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Listen to our new Conference commercial! Farming Smarter 2014 Conference Commercial For more information about the conference click here


FS Magazine – Fall 2014 Issue

Created November 13, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Click here to view the issue (pdf) Farming Smarter publishes its magazine twice a year now. What began as an annual update for members of the Southern Applied Research Association became well-respected farmer resource far beyond its originally intended boarders.  With the growth of the non-profit Farming Smarter organization, the magazine also grew into a self-sustaining […]


Tracking and Planning Important to Crop Success

Created September 16, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

While you may not have a lot of time to read right now, herbicide residues in soil can have a substantial enough impact on crops that you might want to read up on it during our next snow storm; which is far enough away in time that you may be able sit, relaxed in a […]

Spray Weeds Early in Corn

Created August 16, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Read the story with photos in pdf  –  Weed Effect on Corn2   The advent of herbicide tolerant crops has made spraying corn much simpler, but there still are few factors to consider for optimum results. One very important thing to consider is proper spray timing. Much research supports the importance of early weed removal, […]

Dr. Slaski in hemp plots

Hemp taking root in area fields

Created August 5, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

BY LETHBRIDGE HERALD ON JULY 25, 2014. Garrett SimmonsLethbridge Heraldgsimmons@lethbridgeherald.comSouthern Alberta is known for its vast network of irrigation, which allows producers to grow several crops unique to this region.Potatoes, sugar beets and the famous Taber corn are just some of the crops often associated with this part of the country. But if a recent trend […]


On-farm research done right can save producers big bucks

Created July 28, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

It takes time and effort, but doing research on your farm means you’re 
‘not just flying blind’ when buying costly inputs There really wasn’t much scientific about Kevin Auch’s first foray into on-farm research almost 30 years ago. “It was basically a visual display of micros being applied by hand in a severely eroded area […]


New Videos online

Created July 18, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Videos from our June 12 and June 19 crop walk are now available online on our website and via youtube. Videos from the 2014 Farming Smarter Field School are also available with more to come soon. View our video library here


Canola Fields Needed for Study

Created July 7, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Canola growers can help further the study of blackleg fungus that can lead to improved ways to prevent it in crops. A study led by University of Manitoba’s Dr. Dilantha Fernando and collaborators Dr. Gary Peng of AAFC in Saskatoon and Ralph Lange of Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, Vegreville hopes to identify the avirulence […]


Crop walk is a go and Field School tickets!

Created June 17, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Crop Walk – June 19, 2014 Featuring presentations by  Doon Pauly (ARD) : Fertigation study, fusarium management, stack agronomic practices study Daryl Males (Agrisoma/Mustard 21):  Brassica Carinata and mustards Syama Chatterton:  pea root diseases This thursdays crop walk is a go rain or shine, unfortunately the forecast this week is looking field unfriendly so the […]


June 5, 2014 Crop Walk Videos

Created June 11, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Here are the presentations from last weeks crop walk. Reminder of tomorrows crop walk (June 12, 2014). For more information click here

Does the time of day matter when applying herbicides?

Created June 11, 2014 | Category: Events

Full Alberta Farmer Express digital magazine available here


Nailing down the value of precision agriculture

Created May 27, 2014 | Category: Growing Knowledge

By Ken Coles of Farming Smarter featured in Alberta Farmer Express May 12. People have been talking about precision agriculture as the next big thing in farming for more than two decades. Of course, back then, GPS wasn’t as commonplace. Today, almost all smartphones have built-in GPS and the things that you can do with […]


National Geographic – The Future of Food

Created May 16, 2014 | Category: Growing Knowledge

National Geographic has a special project focused on food production. It’s called The Future of Food – How to feed a growing planet. You can find it here on the National Geographic website. There are several articles, videos and presentations to look at covering all aspects of growing food.


Early Field School Agenda now available

Created May 15, 2014 | Category: Events

View our field school page to find out all about our presenters we have lined up for this years Field School. Field School Page Field School Event Page (registration will be available closer to the date) This years theme is: “Growing Something Different” Topics may include:  soybeans, faba beans, hulless barley, hemp, carinata, fall rye, […]


Farming Smarter AGM Even More Exciting than Usual

Created March 18, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Farming Smarter has a new board member – Andy Kirschenman of Hilda, AB north-east of Medicine Hat. Farming Smarter sends thanks Ron Noga for his time on the board. Right around 130 people came to the Farming Smarter AGM Feb. 27 in Lethbridge. After we did the traditional AGM things such as auditor’s report, manager’s […]


Perception can become Reality – Ken Coles

Created February 18, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Perception can become reality — which is why we need to understand our critics Glyphosate foe Don Huber has become a darling of critics of modern agriculture, 
even though he’s never offered proof for his accusations Netflix got me hooked on the popular television show “Mad Men.” To be honest, it was kind of boring […]


2014 Irrigated Crop Production Update Presentations

Created February 1, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Thank you for attending the 2014 Irrigated Crop Production Update in Lethbridge on January 21 and 22, 2014! The conference presentations have now been posted and are available at the following web site.   The goal of the Irrigated Crop Production Update is to present people in the irrigation industry with up-to-date research and […]


Farm TV: Farming Smarter Conference

Created December 18, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Each year progressive farmers, who want to keep up with the latest information and technology attend the Farming Smarter, Growing New Ideas, Conference and trade show. This years conference was held in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, in the middle of a blizzard, – Click Here to view the Farm TV : Farming Smarter 2013 Conference and Tradeshow […]


Delegates learn in Lethbridge about Farming Smarter

Created December 18, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Written by  Stephanie Labbe at the Prairie Post   Since the mid 1990s, the Farming Smarter event has been taking place in Alberta. The event alternates its location every year from Lethbridge to Medicine Hat. This year it was held at the Lethbridge Lodge Dec. 3-4.  When the conference first began it was a ‘reduced […]

Understanding soil variability

Created December 13, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

by Ross H. McKenzie PhD, P. Ag.; Retired Agronomy Research Scientist | Dec 2013 The interest and adoption of variable rate fertilizer technology (VRFT) has increased dramatically in recent years. Industry agronomists and farmers have been and will continue to be on a steady learning curve to understand when and how to best utilize this […]

The Nozzle Sprays at Midnight: A Farming Smarter Conference Recap with Ken Coles

Created December 12, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

There are many times during the busy conference season that I wish I could clone myself so that I could attend every meeting that interests me. While Twitter does a great job of bridging the gap at times, there’s still nothing quite like actually sitting in on a fascinating discussion on new research findings and […]

Moisture may be in short supply in 2014

Created December 10, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Garrett Simmons Lethbridge Herald It was a banner year for agriculture in 2013. Nearly every commodity flourished, as a slow start to the season was followed by perfect weather for the rest of the year, and rainfall which came at optimal times. But according to a weather expert from Kansas City, those conditions are […]


Plenty of optimism for wheat farmers

Created December 10, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald Building a “Brand Canada” for wheat is one of the long term goals for the Alberta Wheat Commission. It was also one of the topics discussed by Brian Kennedy, a growers relations coordinator for the AWC, during the Farming Smarter conference at the Lethbridge Lodge last week. He talked about […]


Presentations Available from the 2013 Conference

Created December 6, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Click here to view the presentation slides from the 2013 Conference and Tradeshow Farming Smarter would like to thank all the attendees and presenters for braving the blizzard and making it to this years Conference We hope everyone had a wonderful time and see you again next year!


Farming Smarter Fall Magazine 2013

Created November 28, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Here is the link for our online version 2013 Fall Edition of the Farming Smarter Magazine — Click Here — 

AAFC official says private companies needed to fill wheat research gap

Created November 28, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

There’s a multimillion-dollar wheat research funding gap in Canada that the private sector needs to fill, says Stephen Morgan Jones, director general of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) Prairie/Boreal Ecozone. It will require stronger plant breeders’ rights rules and partnerships with publicly funded researchers, he told the Grain Industry Symposium Nov. 20 organized by the […]

Disease Crop Walk – August 15, 2013

Created August 8, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Just a reminder that Farming Smarter will be hosting a Plant Disease Crop Walk on August 15, 2013 Location: At the Farming Smarter Site, Near the Lethbridge Agricultural Research Center along the Jail Road When: 8:30am – 11:00am Speakers: Mike Harding and Ron Howard (may feature more speakers) Topics: Sclerotinia, Clubroot, Net Blotch, Scald, Ascochyta […]


Presentation Videos from Field School and Cypress Field Day

Created August 2, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

A thank you to Morton at K2 Communication for all the work on the videos. We have just uploaded presentations from: the 2013 Farming Smarter Field School click here to view all the videos and the 2013 Cypress County Field Day click here to view all the videos

Farm Contracts Research Project

Created August 2, 2013 | Category: Growing Knowledge

Farm Contracts Research Project Take part in a research project on farmers’ use of contracts currently underway by Professor Jared Carlberg, in the Department of Agribusiness & Agricultural Economics at the University of Manitoba. More details on the project can be found on the survey site, at the following link: The Keystone Agricultural Producers, […]


VRT Project Flying High

Created July 22, 2013 | Category: Growing Knowledge

Farming Smarter had JZ Aerial take  aerial photographs  of its Variable Rate Project and some candid shots of its demonstration sites.   The octo-copter does low altitude flights (<200ft), but the planes fly at 900ft.  The imagery is true color and       near infrared and we can process it into an NDVI; which is an index that […]

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