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5 Agronomy Smarts Scholarships

Created May 17, 2021 | Category: Agronomy

Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) generously sponsors five Farming Smarter 2021 Agronomy Smarts subscriptions for young farmers or agriculture students. It’s a simple process to take advantage of all the learning available through Farming Smarter events, workshops and digital content on various platforms. Alberta Wheat Commission asked that the applicants be between 18 and 39 and derive a minimum two-thirds of […]

Update for Alberta’s Wetland Policy

Created February 8, 2019 | Category: Growing Stewardship

By Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd. | Taylor Bujaczek & Jay White A recent update to Alberta’s Wetland Policy (Dec. 2018) means that grants are now available from the Government of Alberta to finance private wetland restoration in addition to existing Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) payments. This means even more opportunities for farmers to get […]


Field School 2015 Preview Video

Created June 12, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter


New Video – Candid Modern Farmers

Created April 16, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Candid Modern Farmers What does sustainability mean to a southern Alberta farmer? It means a prosperous and healthy livelihood for future generations. This is no small thing. It means protecting natural resources through intelligent farm practices that recognize renewable is only true if you make it so. They want you to know they love the […]


Grainews: Smarter Farming launches my film career

Created April 13, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Smarter Farming launches my film career  Original post from Lee’s Blog Farming Smarter, the southern Alberta applied research association, based in Lethbridge, launched my film career today. I play a brief but pivotal role in Farming Smarter’s latest promotional video called “Not Grandpa’s Farm”. If you really pay attention near the end, I have a […]


Not Grandpa’s Farm – New FS Video!

Created April 8, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Not Grandpa’s Farm (Changes) #FSfuturefarm It may be Grandpa’s farm but it isn’t Grandpa’s farming. Technology transformation and modern farming realities mean that today’s farmers need advanced education and lifelong learning to succeed. Farming Smarter helps with lifelong learning.Farmers include: Robert Weisgerber – Schuler, Fred Weisgerber – Schuler, Andrew Kirscherman – Hilda, – Matt Stanford – […]


Farming in the Wild

Created April 2, 2015 | Category: Growing Stewardship

Farming Smarter released the first of three videos this morning to share agricultural stories in a whole new way. Go see what Farming in the Wild is all about. Share it around with friends and family. It really is a different perspective and there’s more coming soon!

Spring 2015 FS Magazine now available!

Created March 17, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

Click the image below to view the full issue

Ranch pencils out profit with bale, swath grazing

Created January 6, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

View this article on the Western Producer Producer urges those planning to winter graze to have their feed tested and provide windbreaks for cattle MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — Steve Kenyon uses a lot of multi-purpose farm equipment, and he doesn’t own any of it. As well, the no-till drill, the fertilizer spreader, the combine and […]


Four life lessons from the farm that will serve you well in life

Created January 6, 2015 | Category: Farming Smarter

View this article on Alberta Farmer Express Fifteen-year-old Andrea De Groot has a thing or two to teach us adults about life on — and off — the farm. And those lessons have been learned working alongside her farmer father. “On the outside, I may look like a regular high school girl,” said De Groot, a […]


Conference 2014 Articles from Western Producer

Created December 14, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Burger Chain wants more Canadian Beef MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A & W does not use hamburger derived from cull cows. As well, it continues to buy some of the meat for its Canadian burgers from the United States and Australia. Queried by producers during a Dec. 3 Farming Smarter conference, A & W purchasing […]


Conference Commercial

Created November 19, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Listen to our new Conference commercial! Farming Smarter 2014 Conference Commercial For more information about the conference click here


FS Magazine – Fall 2014 Issue

Created November 13, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Click here to view the issue (pdf) Farming Smarter publishes its magazine twice a year now. What began as an annual update for members of the Southern Applied Research Association became well-respected farmer resource far beyond its originally intended boarders.  With the growth of the non-profit Farming Smarter organization, the magazine also grew into a self-sustaining […]

Spray Weeds Early in Corn

Created August 16, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Read the story with photos in pdf  –  Weed Effect on Corn2   The advent of herbicide tolerant crops has made spraying corn much simpler, but there still are few factors to consider for optimum results. One very important thing to consider is proper spray timing. Much research supports the importance of early weed removal, […]


On-farm research done right can save producers big bucks

Created July 28, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

It takes time and effort, but doing research on your farm means you’re 
‘not just flying blind’ when buying costly inputs There really wasn’t much scientific about Kevin Auch’s first foray into on-farm research almost 30 years ago. “It was basically a visual display of micros being applied by hand in a severely eroded area […]


New Videos online

Created July 18, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Videos from our June 12 and June 19 crop walk are now available online on our website and via youtube. Videos from the 2014 Farming Smarter Field School are also available with more to come soon. View our video library here


Crop walk is a go and Field School tickets!

Created June 17, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

Crop Walk – June 19, 2014 Featuring presentations by  Doon Pauly (ARD) : Fertigation study, fusarium management, stack agronomic practices study Daryl Males (Agrisoma/Mustard 21):  Brassica Carinata and mustards Syama Chatterton:  pea root diseases This thursdays crop walk is a go rain or shine, unfortunately the forecast this week is looking field unfriendly so the […]


Early Field School Agenda now available

Created May 15, 2014 | Category: Events

View our field school page to find out all about our presenters we have lined up for this years Field School. Field School Page Field School Event Page (registration will be available closer to the date) This years theme is: “Growing Something Different” Topics may include:  soybeans, faba beans, hulless barley, hemp, carinata, fall rye, […]


Farming Smarter Fall Magazine 2013

Created November 28, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Here is the link for our online version 2013 Fall Edition of the Farming Smarter Magazine — Click Here — 


Presentation Videos from Field School and Cypress Field Day

Created August 2, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

A thank you to Morton at K2 Communication for all the work on the videos. We have just uploaded presentations from: the 2013 Farming Smarter Field School click here to view all the videos and the 2013 Cypress County Field Day click here to view all the videos

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