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Canola Watch Sept. 19, 2019

Created September 19, 2019 | Category: Farming Tips

Weed Wisdom March 2019

Created March 27, 2019 | Category: Farming Tips

Consider cultural weed management by Dr. Charles Geddes As the snow begins to melt, growers everywhere wait eagerly to get back to the land. This is often a time to plan out the coming growing season, and secure seed, fertilizer, and chemicals, among a wide range of other organizational tasks. Growers invest a large amount […]

Colour coded variety tables for barley and wheat

Created March 10, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Colour Coded Variety Tables for Barley and Wheat (all in pdf format) Fusarium Head Blight Reaction of Cereal Varieties For Alberta   Leaf Spot Reaction of Barley Varieties For Alberta   Leaf Spot and Stripe Rust Reactions of Wheat Varieties For Alberta


ARD SADD Branch Statistical Publications – Feb. 20, 2015 Releases

Created March 9, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

2015 Alberta Average Farm Input Prices Agriculture Farm Input Charts and Graphs Since 1976, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Statistics and Data Development Branch has carried out a monthly survey of prices for selected Alberta farm inputs. The prices are collected by the Alberta Federation of Agriculture in partnership with the Statistics and Data Development […]

Wheat School Update – Check Out the Latest Wheat School Episodes

Created February 5, 2015 | Category: Farming Tips

            RealAgriculture Wheat School Update      Wheat School: Reaching Wheat’s Full Genetic Potential – The UK Perspective Wheat production in the United Kingdom hovers just below 200, 000 hectares (about a half a million acres). It’s used for export markets, human consumption, and plays a key role in animal […]


Article from Harry Brook – Storing Grain Safely

Created October 16, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Article in Word Document form with Diagrams click here Storing Grain Safely Harvest has been difficult this fall. Frequent showers have slowed the harvest and grain quality is suffering. No one has yet managed to control weather and that is the greatest risk of all. There might be a temptation to harvest damp or wet […]


Tracking and Planning Important to Crop Success

Created September 16, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

While you may not have a lot of time to read right now, herbicide residues in soil can have a substantial enough impact on crops that you might want to read up on it during our next snow storm; which is far enough away in time that you may be able sit, relaxed in a […]

Spray Weeds Early in Corn

Created August 16, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Read the story with photos in pdf  –  Weed Effect on Corn2   The advent of herbicide tolerant crops has made spraying corn much simpler, but there still are few factors to consider for optimum results. One very important thing to consider is proper spray timing. Much research supports the importance of early weed removal, […]


Alberta Crop Conditions Report – Aug 5, 2014

Created August 11, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Following is the Alberta Crop Report (Abbreviated) release prepared by James Wright of AFSC, reporting conditions as of August 5, 2014.Note:  Full Crop Report is published every two weeks, while an abbreviated Crop Report is available during the week prior to the full Crop Report.  This is the first Abbreviated Crop Report of the 2014 […]

Winter Wheat Weekly Update May 5-9th

Created May 12, 2014 | Category: Farming Tips

Winter Wheat Weekly Update May 5-9th Thank you to all industry agronomist’s and producers who provided information relating to the current winter wheat crop conditions in their areas.For the most part winter wheat fields are recovering well ( new growth both above and below the soil) with most area’s reporting fair to good conditions.In the […]


Agri-News – RTW this Week – Feb 18/14

Created February 18, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Features Top Items from Agronomy Update 2014 Over 30 presentations on a wide variety of topics related to crop production were made at the recent Agronomy Update conference. The presentations provided information on crop pests, weed control, soil fertility, new crop options, grain storage and marketing. Mark Cutts, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural […]


Agri-News – RTW this Week (Jan. 13/14)

Created January 13, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Features Points to Remember During Calving Season As calving draws closer, producers know that, as always, the season is a busy one. A little preparation and some advance management practices can go a long way in ensuring a successful calving season in 2014.  Click here for more in Agri-News. >     Barley and Cranberry Pork Stew […]


Agri-News – RTW this week (December 2, 2013)

Created December 4, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

  Features Marketing Nutrition Workbook — Healthy Eating Guidelines Now, more than ever, consumers are choosing food products with health benefits. It’s increasingly important for food processors to know which aspects of their food product they should promote. When it comes to the latest nutrition fads, many of which are featured on talk shows or […]

Agri-News – RTW this Week: November 4, 2013

Created November 5, 2013 | Category: Events

Features Alberta to Stand Up for Livestock Industry in Chicago Alberta’s Agriculture Minister will meet with American meat-packers to rally support to change U.S mandator Country of Origin Labelling rules. Verlyn Olson will attend the North American Meat Association’s 2013 Outlook Conference in Chicago, IL, Nov. 3-5.  Click here to read the Agri-News story >   […]


RTW This Week – Agri-News:July 27 – August 2, 2013

Created July 30, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Agriculture Flood Relief It’s been over a month since the disastrous floods took place in Alberta. Although the flooding caused damage to the province’s agriculture sector, Alberta Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson says it could have been much worse.  Click to listen to the interview with Minister Olson. >  Federal, Provincial and Territorial Agriculture Ministers Discuss […]

Canola Watch July 10: Hail | Insects | 50% flower

Created July 15, 2013 | Category: Farming Tips

Hail struck a number of areas over the past week, and canola damage ranged from light to total destruction. The photo above shows a couple hailstones collected around Lethbridge this week. Canola has a remarkable capacity to recover from light hail at early flowering — although if the flowering period is extended as a result, […]

Alberta RTW this week Agri-News

Created July 9, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

  Features Redford Government and Lac Ste. Anne County Partner to Improve Internet Access for Rural Residents Lac Ste. Anne County residents will have greater access to high-speed Internet as the result of a $500,000 Final Mile Rural Community Program grant. “The Internet is a powerful tool that puts a wealth of information at our […]

July Agri Digest Online

Created July 4, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

The JULY 2013  issue of Agri Digest Online is posted. The front cover exhibits a little of the excitement in Calgary last week when flash floods hit the area – and the Calgary Stampede – hard. Inside (page 15), you can help in the effort to get the clean-up completed and the 2013 Stampede underway […]

Variable Rate Nutrient Application : Should I Consider It For My Farm?

Created June 19, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

What Are We Talking About? Variable rate nutrient application (VRNA) means applying different rates of fertilizer or manure to different parts of a field growing the same crop, based on a pre-determined prescription. The rate can be controlled manually by the equipment operator or automatically by a computer in communication with a global positioning system […]

Alberta RTW this Week Agri-News

Created June 19, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Click here for the full version Features Appointments to the Alberta Grains Council Alberta Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson has appointed two new members to the Alberta Grains Council.  Read the story here >  Classroom Garden Program Plants Seeds in New Communities Through its commitment to enhancing agriculture education and awareness efforts in the province of Alberta, […]

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