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Internet Security: A Quick Guide To Staying Safe Online

Created November 30, 2018 | Category: Interesting

Farming Smarter is thinking about internet security a lot after falling victim to two phishing schemes within a month. On Nov. 13 and Nov. 26, our contacts were sent false invoices that, when clicked on, harvest your passwords and gain access to your accounts. Maran Magnell, employee at Dok-Tor Harddrive says that when these types […]


Canola Watch – August 10, 2018

Created August 10, 2018 | Category: Business

Pull patches of club root, burn galls While scouting for club root also look for… Early, hot swathing can increase green counts Harvest options for multi-stage crops Late season hail: yield and disease risk How to reduce costly harvest losses Late season spraying? Follow pre-harvest intervals Bertha Armyworm: Some Hot Spots in the Peace Lygus: […]

Bee Health in Alberta’s Managed Bees

Created July 18, 2018 | Category: Interesting

Do bees really need to be fed?   Dr. Danica Baines sets out to answer that question, along with many others regarding the health of Alberta’s managed bees at this year’s Farming Smarter Field School.    Baines has spent the last four years studying Alberta’s managed bee species (leaf cutter, honey and bumblebees) used to […]

Plot Hoppin’ Around A Great Day!

Created June 8, 2018 | Category: Interesting

2018, Farming Smarter Plot Hop The hot sun was just a footnote on a day focused on spreading knowledge to those who want it. Farming Smarter hosted approximately 70 people through various fields throughout Lethbridge County. The day began with headliner Syama Chatterton, who spoke at length about her disease nursery and the early signs […]

Soil sampling in May

Created May 7, 2018 | Category: Interesting

Farming Smarter employees got their hands dirty with their most recent foray into the world of soil as they began preparing for the Deep Banding of Immobile Nutrients project. They began soil sampling at four different depths to test the different nutrient levels that are already in the ground. The group extracts ten cores from […]

We may be looking for you!

Created December 21, 2015 | Category: Business

  Office Administrator – Job Posting   Do you enjoy working with numbers and being detail-oriented? Do you enjoy multi-tasking and working in a fast paced environment? Do you enjoy being a team player and working with people?   If you said “yes” to any of these questions, we may be looking for you!   Farming […]


Farming in the Wild

Created April 2, 2015 | Category: Growing Stewardship

Farming Smarter released the first of three videos this morning to share agricultural stories in a whole new way. Go see what Farming in the Wild is all about. Share it around with friends and family. It really is a different perspective and there’s more coming soon!

AHRI insight – Nature mimics science

Created March 23, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

    #42 Nature mimics science The Wright brothers spent a lot of time observing the curved shape of bird’s wings and how air flowing over this curved shape caused lift. This is one of the great examples of science mimicking nature. Does nature ever mimic science? One of the first glyphosate tolerant crops was […]

Provincial canola commission donates $150,000 to GMO documentary

Created March 18, 2015 | Category: Interesting

Article from  The ag industry’s answer to anti-GMO sentiment is nearly halfway to its funding goal, thanks to a sizable donation from the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. The commission is putting $150,000 toward Know GMO, a feature-length documentary being produced by Agri-Trend CEO Rob Saik. “There’s been a demand among producers to do something […]


Social Media Tips from Elaine Stenbraaten

Created March 13, 2015 | Category: Interesting

Social media tips Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all social media platforms, designed for communicatingwith others. Some of these platforms are good for networking with your friends, colleagues andcustomers and others are great for communicating in business.Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media platform s. It is an excellent tool fornetworking […]


Ag Expo 2015 Video

Created March 11, 2015 | Category: Interesting

Shaw TV Lethbridge – Ag Expo 2015

Article from Harry Brook, Crop specialist

Created December 9, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

An Overabundance of Choice New crop varieties and variety tables will soon be released. It makes for interesting reading but how do you use these tables for selecting your crop? How much of the information on these tables is significant to you, the producer? As far a choice goes, you have a lot of varieties […]

Alberta Barley Newsletter for December 2014

Created December 9, 2014 | Category: Business

Live from Amsterdam: Checking in from Hi Europe and Ni Alberta Barley’s vice-chairman and region three director-at-large Mike Ammeter and GrainsWest editor Trevor Bacque are in Amsterdam this week for the Hi Europe and Ni show. Read more The Farmer Model Report  On June 23/24, 2014, Alberta Barley hosted a forum for a farmer-led discussion on […]

Western Canada Update – Pulse School, FNA/CWB News and Domino’s Committment

Created October 21, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

 Western Canada Update   Pulse School: Understanding and Maintaining Grade Quality In this Pulse School, we talk to Sherrilyn Phelps, agronomy and seed program manager with Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. Phelps walks us through some of the factors involved in pulse grading, and some of the potential 2014 growing season concerns, including seed tag and high moisture/high temperature […]


Small vs. large: Which size farm is better for the planet?

Created September 5, 2014 | Category: Farm Business Management

Article from The Washington Post Small vs. large: Which size farm is better for the planet? By Tamar Haspel There’s a kind of farm that has caught the imagination of the food-conscious among us. It’s relatively small, and you know the farmer who runs it. It’s diverse, growing different kinds of crops and often incorporating […]


Alberta Weed Spotter iPhone App launched!

Created August 21, 2014 | Category: Government

Alberta Weed Spotter iPhone App launched!“Alberta Weed Spotter” app that was developed in partnership with the Athabasca University and co-funded by the Province of Alberta and the City of Edmonton.This free app features all 75 weed species currently regulated in the Alberta Weed Control Act, as well as look a likes, and has two main […]

Hemp production on the Rise

Created August 11, 2014 | Category: Industry

Click here to view the interview on Global News An old crop with some new applications has drawn attention among Alberta farmers. Since 1998, the year growing low THC hemp was made legal, farming of the crop has been building steam. Now, it’s poised to become a noticeable crop in Southern Alberta. As the manager of […]


Alberta Crop Conditions Report – Aug 5, 2014

Created August 11, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Following is the Alberta Crop Report (Abbreviated) release prepared by James Wright of AFSC, reporting conditions as of August 5, 2014.Note:  Full Crop Report is published every two weeks, while an abbreviated Crop Report is available during the week prior to the full Crop Report.  This is the first Abbreviated Crop Report of the 2014 […]

Obama urged to boot Canada from trade talks or gain concessions

Created August 6, 2014 | Category: Government

Article from the Globe and Mail Obama urged to boot Canada from trade talks or gain concessions A powerful group of U.S. members of Congress says the White House should cut Canada out of a major global trade deal unless it opens up its protected dairy and poultry markets. Without more significant concessions on agriculture, […]

Hemp taking root in area fields

Created August 5, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

BY LETHBRIDGE HERALD ON JULY 25, 2014. Garrett SimmonsLethbridge Heraldgsimmons@lethbridgeherald.comSouthern Alberta is known for its vast network of irrigation, which allows producers to grow several crops unique to this region.Potatoes, sugar beets and the famous Taber corn are just some of the crops often associated with this part of the country. But if a recent trend […]


July AgriDigest Online

Created July 14, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

To view the July 2014 AgriDigest click here FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q – How much does it cost to subscribe to Agri Digest Online? A – Agri Digest Online is absolutely free to anyone who wishes to read it, with or without signing up for new issue alerts. However, it helps us greatly if you […]


Ag Tidbits

Created June 26, 2014 | Category: Interesting

Wheat seedlings sprout ideas on future food supply protection Story by Mandy Thoo, from Venture magazine for Swinburne University of Technology In a quest to produce better quality wheat to feed the world, a team of researchers has turned its attention to the workings of a particular antibacterial protein. They found that the protein is […]

Putting an End to Gassy Cows

Created June 6, 2014 | Category: Interesting

Karen Beauchemin spends every day in her lab at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in Alberta, Canada, working on cow feed. Boring, you say? Far from it. Beauchemin is part of an international task force of scientists working on a multimillion-dollar project for Dutch life-sciences giant DSM that may be the world’s best bet to […]


National Geographic – The Future of Food

Created May 16, 2014 | Category: Growing Knowledge

National Geographic has a special project focused on food production. It’s called The Future of Food – How to feed a growing planet. You can find it here on the National Geographic website. There are several articles, videos and presentations to look at covering all aspects of growing food.

There’s a reason why Alberta is Canada’s hemp leader

Created April 21, 2014 | Category: Interesting

The ‘dope’ on industrial hemp is that it’s good news for Alberta Producers looking for a new crop in their rotation. Article available here – Link (online magazine) Article by Claudette Lacombe – Farming Smarter  

This Country Called Agriculture – April

Created April 15, 2014 | Category: Interesting

  This Country Called Agriculture is a new television show focusing on agribusiness topics in Canada. Join show Host, Rob Eirich, as he interviews industry leaders on topics such as new technology impacting agriculture, current legal policy and issues, consumer perceptions and the food industry, renewable energy in agriculture, food safety and best practices in […]

Agri-News – This Week in Agriculture – April 14, 2014

Created April 15, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Features Blue Book Now Available as Free Download Crop Protection 2014, or the “blue book” as it is more commonly known, is now available as a free downloadable .pdf. Hear the Call of the Land interview Read the Agri-News story  Managing Prosperity on the Beef Farm An Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) specialist says […]

Western Canada Update – April 7, 2014

Created April 8, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

 Western Canada Update Warburtons – Creating the Perfect Loaf of Bread with Canadian and UK Wheat     I had the very fortunate opportunity this week to travel to the United Kingdom and have a visit with the people at Warburtons.  Warburtons is the largest bakery in the United Kingdom and has a special connection with not only […]

Western Canada Update – April 2, 2014

Created April 2, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Western Canada Update     Spray Tips with Tom Wolf – Ep 4: Making the Pressure Gauge Your Speedometer      Good spray quality is essential in application, but all of the factors involved can make getting there quite a challenge. In this vlog, Tom Wolf talks about the evolution of pressure ranges in nozzles and […]

Skeptics Presents & Baloney Detection Kit

Created March 7, 2014 | Category: Interesting

Here are a couple of videos to help you recognize when a popular theory might be leading lemmings toward a cliff. Don’t be a lemming. (Even though lemmings are very cute!) In this video — the fifth in our series of videos that promote science and critical thinking through the use of humor, wit, and […]

Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities

Created March 7, 2014 | Category: Interesting Every day, in a city the size of London, 30 million meals are served. But where does all the food come from? Architect Carolyn Steel discusses the daily miracle of feeding a city, and shows how ancient food routes shaped the modern world. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and […]

Agri-News – RTW this Week – Feb 18/14

Created February 18, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Features Top Items from Agronomy Update 2014 Over 30 presentations on a wide variety of topics related to crop production were made at the recent Agronomy Update conference. The presentations provided information on crop pests, weed control, soil fertility, new crop options, grain storage and marketing. Mark Cutts, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural […]

Agri-News – RTW this week – Jan 27/14

Created January 29, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

  Features Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea a Reportable Disease in Alberta Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, often referred to as PED, has killed more than a million young pigs in the United States. While one case has been confirmed in Ontario, there have been no cases of PED diagnosed in Alberta. As of January 20, 2014, PED is now areportable […]

Agri-News – RTW this Week (Jan. 13/14)

Created January 13, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Features Points to Remember During Calving Season As calving draws closer, producers know that, as always, the season is a busy one. A little preparation and some advance management practices can go a long way in ensuring a successful calving season in 2014.  Click here for more in Agri-News. >     Barley and Cranberry Pork Stew […]

Agriculture Tidbits – Grains, Biofuels, Rothamsted Research and more

Created January 7, 2014 | Category: Interesting

Grains Fumigated Ecologically Oct. 4, 2013  Science Daily— A substance present in nature turned out to be just as effective as other chemical compounds to eradicate harmful organisms in stored grains, without negative effects. Agro a Mexican enterprise that operates silos and warehouses, located in Sinaloa (Northwest Mexico), created a new technology of effective fumigation […]

Agri-News – RTW this week (Jan. 6/14)

Created January 7, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Features Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling Agriculture issues including Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) made up the agenda for the Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit held in Oklahoma on January 3 to 5, 2014. Alberta Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson provides some background on how COOL came to be in the first place.  Click to hear […]

Agri-News – RTW this week (December 23, 2013)

Created January 3, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Features Looking Back on 2013 with Alberta’s Agriculture Minister A look back on 2013 with Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson. Some of the highlights in 2013 include:   the bumper crop the importance of finding new markets for agricultural commodities value-added initiatives in 2013 successful new initiatives in 2013 Capitalizing on Learning Opportunities As the 2013/2014 […]

Pulse Check – December 24, 2013

Created January 3, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Upcoming Events CropSphere 2014– Jan 13-14, TCU Place Arts & Convention Centre,  downtown Saskatoon Agronomy Update 2014– Jan 14-15, Sheraton Hotel, Red Deer Irrigated Crop Production Update 2014– Jan 21-22, Lethbridge Lodge Hotel.  FarmTech 2014 – Jan 28, 29 & 30 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands. Register HERE APG AGM– Jan 29, 2:45-3:45, Edmonton EXPO […]

Manure transformed into biodegradable plastic

Created January 3, 2014 | Category: Interesting

Article from the Western Producer GUELPH, Ont. — The idea of drinking out of a plastic cup made from cow manure may not seem overly appetizing to some people. “It’s not particularly appetizing to me either,” said Erik Coats, a University of Idaho civil engineering professor who is researching the chemistry of converting bio-waste into […]

China Says Over 3 Million Hectares of Land Too Polluted to Farm

Created January 3, 2014 | Category: Interesting

Article from Reuters BEIJING — About 3.33 million hectares (8 million acres) of China’s farmland is too polluted to grow crops, a government official said on Monday, highlighting the risk facing agriculture after three decades of rapid industrial growth. China has been under pressure to improve its urban environment following a spate of pollution scares. […]

Agri-News – RTW this week (December 2, 2013)

Created December 4, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

  Features Marketing Nutrition Workbook — Healthy Eating Guidelines Now, more than ever, consumers are choosing food products with health benefits. It’s increasingly important for food processors to know which aspects of their food product they should promote. When it comes to the latest nutrition fads, many of which are featured on talk shows or […]

Interesting – Agriculture where plants shouldn’t Grow – Israel and Japan

Created November 29, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Drip Irrigation in the Arava Desert in Israel         (Click to view)   Israel’s central Arava desert, where saline soils and dry climates are the norm, a thriving community creates up to 60% of Israel’s exported agricultural products. Recently, I visited the Arava valley to see the miracle of agriculture in the […]

Agri-News – RTW this Week (Nov. 25, 2013)

Created November 25, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Good Fences Make Good Neighbors As a response by the Government of Alberta to landowners’ needs, the Alberta Property Rights Advocate Office became operational in December 2012. “In their day-to-day work, the Office often deals with the question of what is meant by property rights. We like to use a practical, working definition of […]

Civilizations Rise and Fall on the Quality of Their Soil – and Amazing Terrace Farming

Created November 15, 2013 | Category: Interesting

  article from Science Daily Great civilizations have fallen because they failed to prevent the degradation of the soils on which they were founded. The modern world could suffer the same fate. This is according to Professor Mary Scholes and Dr Bob Scholes who have published a paper in the journal,Science, which describes how the […]

Ikea buys southern Alberta wind farm

Created November 15, 2013 | Category: Interesting

  Ikea Canada has bought a 46-megawatt wind farm project under construction in Pincher Creek, Alta. The furniture retailer acquired the 20-turbine operation from wind and solar power company Mainstream Renewable Power. Financial terms of the deal were not immediately available. Ikea has set a global goal to be energy independent by 2020, producing more […]

Agri-News – RTW this week (Nov. 12, 2013)

Created November 12, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Minister Olson on Country of Origin Labeling Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson has returned from Chicago where he was attending the North American Meat Association’s 2013 Outlook Conference to rally support to change U.S. mandatory Country of Origin Labeling, COOL rules.  Hear the Call of the Land interview >   New Inductee to 4-H Alberta Hall […]

Pulse Check – November 12, 2013

Created November 12, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

APG Zone Annual General Meetings Zone 1: December 9, Taber Legion Hall, 5205 48 Avenue, Taber, AB,  Registration 9:00 a.m., Meeting 9:30a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Zone 2: November 13, Acme Community Centre, 139 Allison Street, Acme, AB, Registration 8:30a.m., Meeting 9:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. (partnering with ABC) PRE-REGISTER HERE to win Farm Tech Admission Zone 3: November 25, Westlock District Community Hall, 10711 104 […]

Agri-News – RTW this Week: November 4, 2013

Created November 5, 2013 | Category: Events

Features Alberta to Stand Up for Livestock Industry in Chicago Alberta’s Agriculture Minister will meet with American meat-packers to rally support to change U.S mandator Country of Origin Labelling rules. Verlyn Olson will attend the North American Meat Association’s 2013 Outlook Conference in Chicago, IL, Nov. 3-5.  Click here to read the Agri-News story >   […]


Agri-News RTW This Week (for Oct 28)

Created November 1, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Alberta Government and Clear Hills County Partner to Improve Internet Access for Rural Residents Clear Hills County residents will have greater access to high-speed Internet as the result of a $240,600 Final Mile Rural Community Program grant.  Click to read the Agri-News story >  International Apiculture Congress An Alberta Agriculture apiculturist reports on Apimondia’s biannual International Apiculture Congress […]

Agri-News RTW this week – Oct 15, 2013

Created October 16, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Potential Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown on Agriculture The American government has been shut down for over a week now. On the agriculture side of things, the USDA has not been producing crop production reports. Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz discusses how this could affect markets.  Click to hear what Ritz has to […]

Understanding soil nitrogen management using synchrotron technology

Created October 10, 2013 | Category: Interesting

  As food security becomes an increasingly important global issue, scientists are looking for the best way to maintain the organic matter in soils using different methods of fertilization and crop rotation. Increasing the organic matter in soils is key to growing crops for numerous reasons, including increased water-holding capacity and improved tilth. Scientists have recently used […]

Agri-News RTW this Week – Oct 7, 2013

Created October 10, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Producers Urged to Test for Ergot in Livestock Feed It is never too early to start thinking about what grain will be used in winter rations. This year in particular, it is very important to purchase high quality feed grain. Ergot contamination is proving to be an issue of concern as this year, not […]

International Food Waste Costs add up

Created September 27, 2013 | Category: Interesting

  An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted annually in a world where more than 800 million people are counted as chronically hungry or malnourished, says the United Nations. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization said in a September report that wasted food costs at least $750 billion annually. The volume of water […]

Harvest 2013 – Western Producer

Created September 27, 2013 | Category: Interesting

The Western Producer is putting together a photo album of Harvest 2013. Check it out here Everything from Night Harvesting to Truck Fires (don’t worry everyone was fine and no crop lost!)

The TomTato

Created September 27, 2013 | Category: Interesting

The TomTato: Plant which produces both potatoes and tomatoes launched in UK Plant can grow sweet cherry tomatoes while producing white potatoes   A plant which produces both potatoes and tomatoes, described as a “veg plot in a pot”, has been launched in the UK. The TomTato can grow more than 500 sweet cherry tomatoes while producing […]

Interesting Agriculture from around the World

Created September 27, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Vertical Farming in Singapore In Singapore, the challenge of feeding a growing population is pushing the concept of urban farming to new heights. A super-efficient vertical farming system is producing greens for 5 million residents. “Can we supply enough food for everyone on the planet?” is a question plaguing leaders around the world. In Singapore […]

Science Policy Report (September 25)

Created September 26, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Research, Education, Extension Funding Opportunities ~ Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Grant Program~ Energy for Sustainability~ FY 2014 National Environmental Information Exchange Network~ USAID Agriculture Development and Value Chain Enhancement Feed the Future Activity~ India-Africa Agriculture Innovation Bridge Program~ National Pesticide Information Center~ Technical Assistance and Support for Improved Protection of Drinking Water Sources Congressional/Administration News ~ FY 2014 Appropriations update~ Ready for a rewrite of […]

Standing Up for GMOs

Created September 26, 2013 | Category: Interesting

On 8 August 2013, vandals destroyed a Philippine “Golden Rice” field trial. Officials and staff of the Philippine Department of Agriculture that conduct rice tests for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) had gathered for a peaceful dialogue. They were taken by surprise when protesters invaded the compound, […]


Agri-News – RTW this Week (Sept 23, 2013)

Created September 24, 2013 | Category: Business

Features Frost So Far This Fall Albertans know that winter is coming and that autumn brings cooler temperatures and the threat of over-night frost; but, before September 15, early widespread frosts were all but absent from most of the agricultural areas of the province. However, since that time, overnight cool northern air, clear skies and […]

RTW this Week (from August 26, 2013)

Created September 3, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Moisture Situation Update as of August 20 Early in the morning of August 21, generally light frosts were recorded at several locations in a large area extending along the foothills from Grande Cache in the north, down to the M.D of Ranchlands (south of Calgary). This cold air brought freezing temperatures into some agricultural […]


Radio wave-treated water could change agriculture as we know it say its Irish pioneers

Created August 29, 2013 | Category: Growing New Ideas

The technology – radio wave energised water – massively increases the output of vegetables and fruits by up to 30 per cent. Not only are the plants much bigger but they are largely disease-resistant, meaning huge savings in expensive fertilisers and harmful pesticides. Extensively tested in Ireland and several other countries, the inexpensive water treatment […]

World’s first lab-grown burger is eaten in London

Created August 8, 2013 | Category: Interesting

The world’s first lab-grown burger (pictured above) has been cooked and eaten at a news conference in London. Scientists took cells from a cow and, at an institute in the Netherlands, turned them into strips of muscle that they combined to make a patty. One food expert said it was “close to meat, but not […]

Instant Soil Sampler

Created August 7, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Article by Michael Raine at the Western Producer —————————————————– Instant soil sample; just add water SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Do you want in-season soil samples and want them right now? An Iowa couple did, and set out to build a system that would give them what they wanted. “We figured it was possible, but there wasn’t […]

Grain Vacuum makes hauling a one man job

Created August 7, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Article by Ron Lyseng at the Western Producer ————————————————————- Farmers hate feathering equipment when time is on the line. One of those nuisances is balancing the grain to air ratio using a vacuum system. “We used to put the nozzle into the pile of grain and carefully monitor the ratio of grain and air. You […]

Weekly Crop Water Use Report – August 7, 2013

Created August 7, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Click here to download an excel spreadsheet with all the data (some users may have to download water use report file and then open using Internet Explorer) Crop water use values are provided in mm per day.  Crop water use values are based on a seeding date of May 15.  For more detailed crop water […]

Japanese Concept Tractor

Created July 31, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Post from Gizmodo Japan: This concept tractor was designed by Ken Okuyama, who was (is) working as a designer for Ferrari. This is an incredible concept design. Hard to say whether it will actually lead to a functioning tractor, but designs and concepts like this can only lead to better things.  

Technology Enables Crops to take Nitrogen from the Air – (7/29/2013)

Created July 31, 2013 | Category: Interesting

A major new technology has been developed by The University of Nottingham, which enables all of the world’s crops to take nitrogen from the air rather than expensive and environmentally damaging fertilisers. Nitrogen fixation, the process by which nitrogen is converted to ammonia, is vital for plants to survive and grow. However, only a very […]


RTW This Week – Agri-News:July 27 – August 2, 2013

Created July 30, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features Agriculture Flood Relief It’s been over a month since the disastrous floods took place in Alberta. Although the flooding caused damage to the province’s agriculture sector, Alberta Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson says it could have been much worse.  Click to listen to the interview with Minister Olson. >  Federal, Provincial and Territorial Agriculture Ministers Discuss […]

Weekly Crop Water Use Report – July 29, 2013

Created July 30, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Click here to download an excel spreadsheet with all the data (some users may have to download water use report file and then open using Internet Explorer) Crop water use values are provided in mm per day.  Crop water use values are based on a seeding date of May 15.  For more detailed crop water […]

RTW this Week – Agri-News (July 22, 2013)

Created July 23, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Features RTW Agricultural Society and Province Partner to Promote Agriculture The Government of Alberta is stepping up with funding for the Olds Agricultural Society to support rural youth development and facility upgrades. “The Olds Agricultural Society is part of the heart of this community and does a tremendous job organizing events that help make Olds […]

Federal Research Investment will Drive Canola Industry Growth

Created July 22, 2013 | Category: Government

  July 22, 2013  Winnipeg – The federal government’s newly-announced $15-million investment in canola research will help drive the industry to new heights, says Canola Council of Canada (CCC) president Patti Miller. “This is a great day for the canola industry,” said Miller, speaking at the news conference where Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Gerry Ritz announced […]

Weekly Crop Water Use Report

Created July 9, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

  Click here to download the Weekly Crop Water Usage Report (Some users may have to download the file or save the file and open it with Internet Explorer)

Grazing Fact Sheets

Created July 4, 2013 | Category: Grains

Grazing Fact Sheets (click each to view) PFM Grazing 1 – growth.pdf PFM Grazing 2 – gates.pdf PFM Grazing 3 – Feed Holes.pdf  

Weekly Crop Use Report (For July 2, 2013)

Created July 4, 2013 | Category: Interesting

        Click here to download the Weekly Crop Usage Report (Some users may have to download the file or save the file and open it with Internet Explorer)


Alberta RTW this week Agri-News

Created June 26, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Alberta Agriculture Working with Producers on Flooding Situation Alberta Agriculture is currently working with producers to assess the impact of flooding in southern Alberta and will also be helping with recovery. The latest information on the flooding situation can be found at Additional agricultural information related to flooding is available on Alberta Agriculture’s homepage, Alberta […]

Alberta RTW this Week Agri-News

Created June 19, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Click here for the full version Features Appointments to the Alberta Grains Council Alberta Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson has appointed two new members to the Alberta Grains Council.  Read the story here >  Classroom Garden Program Plants Seeds in New Communities Through its commitment to enhancing agriculture education and awareness efforts in the province of Alberta, […]

Healthy Soil Microbes, Healthy People

Created June 14, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Article from the Atlantic The microbial community in the ground is as important as the one in our guts. We have been hearing a lot recently about a revolution in the way we think about human health how it is inextricably linked to the health of microbes in our gut, mouth, nasal passages, and other […]

In Singapore they are taking farming in a different direction

Created June 13, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Singapore’s skyline is not just a point of pride for residents, it can also be a source of fresh produce. As part of the NewsHour’s series “Food for 9 Billion,” special correspondent Sam Eaton reports on Singapore’s vertical solution to the challenge of feeding a growing population in an urban environment.  (Interview transcript below from […]

Agriculture News – Everything From Plant Proteins to Giant Idaho Spuds

Created June 12, 2013 | Category: Government

New Plant Protein Discoveries Could Ease Global Food and Fuel Demands May 1, 2013  ScienceDaily— New discoveries of the way plants transport important substances across their biological membranes to resist toxic metals and pests, increase salt and drought tolerance, control water loss and store sugar can have profound implications for increasing the supply of food […]

Alberta RTW this week Agri-News

Created June 12, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

  Alfalfa Autotoxicity When looking to breathe new life into an old alfalfa stand, alfalfa autotoxicity is one factor to be carefully considered before developing rejuvenation plans.  Read the Agri-News story >   Alfalfa Toxicity Affects Seedling Emergence and Growth Both seedling emergence and growth are reduced by alfalfa autotoxicity. Plants that do emerge are often […]

Alberta RTW this Week Agri-News

Created June 4, 2013 | Category: Business

Monday, June 03, 2013 Edition. Features: Basis Signals for Canola Marketers Canola producers, particularly those with canola in storage, follow canola cash prices closely. However, not all canola producers track the difference between the cash price and the futures price for canola. This difference is termed ‘basis’. Following basis can often give clues of what […]

June Agri Digest now available!

Created June 3, 2013 | Category: Farming Tips

The JUNE 2013  issue of Agri Digest Online is posted. Hope you enjoy the bit of Irish news in the Across Borders section – a wee reminder that farming faces the same issues the world over. Click the Link to view : If you do not get the new issue of Agri Digest, try clicking […]

Rice Planting in Japan, Tulips in the Netherlands

Created June 3, 2013 | Category: Interesting

Here is a fascinating time-lapsed video of rice planting in Japan. (Just a little different than Prairie farming)  Here is a great video of a group of Tulip Farmers planting bulbs in the Netherlands.  

Plants let chloroplasts know the time

Created May 30, 2013 | Category: Growing Knowledge

Plants let chloroplasts know the time University of Bristol 15 March 2013Plant cells communicate information about the time of day to their chloroplasts, the part of their cells that underpins all agricultural productivity on Earth, researchers at the University of Bristol have demonstrated in a study published today in Science. Plant cells contain an internal […]


Want to know what weather to expect? Read tree rings

Created May 29, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

Want to know what weather to expect? Read tree rings
 Interpreting weather cycles | Data gleaned from historical reports and tree rings show we’re in for some moist years Posted Dec. 21st, 2012 by Barb Glen tist with the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, said data he has collected by studying tree rings shows an approximate 60-year weather cycle […]

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