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May 24 canola grower update

Created May 16, 2019 | Category: Events

Trade with China Join a phone call with Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau CCC president Jim Everson CCGA CEO Rick White

Canola Watch April 4, 2019

Created April 4, 2019 | Category: News Articles

Canola Watch March 28 2019

Created March 28, 2019 | Category: News Articles

Canola Watch Feb. 8, 2019

Created February 8, 2019 | Category: Industry

Canola watch Jan. 10 2019

Created January 11, 2019 | Category: Oilseeds


Canola Performance Trials (booklet)

Created December 11, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

See the latest results from Canola Performance trials compiled in a pdf booklet.  Download it here Canola trials The three Prairie canola grower groups – Alberta Canola Producers Commission, the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission (SaskCanola) and the Manitoba Canola Growers Association – fund the program. The Canola Council of Canada delivers the program.  


Send your grain harvest samples in for free analysis

Created September 9, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

The CGC’s Harvest Sample Program gives farmers a valuable marketing tool  By Lee Hart via Grainews Field Editor Getting a free grain quality analysis at harvest not only puts farmers in a better bargaining position when they market their crops, but it also helps Canada sell grain, canola and pulse crops around the world. The ongoing […]

Alberta’s multibillion-dollar canola industry faces growing threat

Created August 4, 2015 | Category: Oilseeds

View the original article on the Edmonton Journal by Madeleine Cummings EDMONTON – New research shows canola varieties previously able to resist a nasty fungus threatening Alberta’s $3.2-billion annual canola industry are becoming infected with nine virulent new strains of clubroot. Alberta farmers thought they had clubroot under control. The nasty soil-borne disease that kills canola […]

Alberta Canola Connections: Quinclorac treated canola

Created July 2, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

Increasing the long term profitability of Alberta’s canola producers   GROWER ADVISORY Alberta canola producers advised to be aware when marketing quinclorac treated canola The Alberta Canola Producers Commission (ACPC) is advising Alberta canola producers consult their elevator, crushing plant or grain buyer prior to delivery if they attempted to control cleavers in their canola […]

#FSFS15 Lethbridge Herald – hemp session

Created June 29, 2015 | Category: Events

Hemp becoming popular cash crop by Garrett Simmons, on June 24, 2015 LH_Hemp becoming popular cash crop_June 24, 2014


Canola growers want province to push biodiesel

Created May 11, 2015 | Category: Government

Original post: Alberta Farm Express The new provincial government needs to walk the walk — not just talk the talk — on climate change, starting with better support for renewable energy sources, says the general manager of Alberta Canola Producers Commission. “In their election platforms, almost all political parties talk about climate change and greenhouse […]

Canola Council of Canada

CCC: Federal budget supports ag trade and investment

Created April 23, 2015 | Category: Government

Canola Council of Canada Original article on CCC – Link Federal budget supports ag trade and investment  April 22, 2015 – The canola industry is pleased with the renewed commitment to market access and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations included in yesterday’s federal budget. The budget, tabled by Finance Minister Joe Oliver, included an $18.1 million […]

Canola School Update – March 2015

Created March 30, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

    RealAgriculture Canola School Update      Canola School: Should I Seed a Clubroot-Resistant Variety?  With findings of clubroot disease in parts of Western Canada where it has not been a problem before, at what point should a farmer in these new clubroot areas switch to growing clubroot-resistant canola varieties? To make that decision, you must first assess and prioritize the […]

Canola Council of Canada

Canola council launches new online database

Created February 16, 2015 | Category: Oilseeds

Original article from Alberta Farmer Express The Canola Council of Canada says the database offers ‘top science for your bottom line’
   Canola Council Of Canada Release    The Canola Council of Canada has launched an online database, called the Canola Research Hub, to provide growers with the latest research findings to increase both productivity and […]

Sudden rise in heated canola

Created November 28, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Heated canola, the brown burned seeds, mean an immediate downgrade. Canola delivery points report a spike in heated canola over the past couple weeks. Crushers have capacity to accommodate a certain amount of mildly heated canola, but some locations are maxed out and have pushed back delivery of heated canola well into the new year […]

China mission secures $1 billion trade deal for Canadian canola oil

Created November 13, 2014 | Category: Government

China mission secures $1 billion trade deal for Canadian canola oil November 13, 2014 – The Canola Council of Canada (CCC) commends the Government’s very successful trade mission to China to increase agricultural trade ties. The mission included participation in the Canada-China Business Forum, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz witnessed […]


When Lygus Becomes a Pest

Created August 19, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Dr. Hector Carcamo sent us these photos to help canola producers spot when Lygus bugs become a pest that needs treatment.     “Lygus bugs can feed on canola while the seeds are still soft. However the smaller, younger stages as the one shown with only one spot on their backs and no wing buds […]


Canola Scouting Videos – NEW

Created August 5, 2014 | Category: Oilseeds

Pre-swath Disease Scouting Post-swath Disease Scouting Pre & Post -swath Disease Scouting (longer version) 


Canola Fields Needed for Study

Created July 7, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

Canola growers can help further the study of blackleg fungus that can lead to improved ways to prevent it in crops. A study led by University of Manitoba’s Dr. Dilantha Fernando and collaborators Dr. Gary Peng of AAFC in Saskatoon and Ralph Lange of Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, Vegreville hopes to identify the avirulence […]

Canola Watch – June, 2014 Issue 10

Created June 13, 2014 | Category: Oilseeds

Spraying in wind | Flea beetles on stems | Reseeding Four the week Sock it to wind. A little wind is OK, but take measures to reduce drift. Herbicide timing is more important that waiting to achieve full coverage from a fine spray. Flea-ing to the stems. In windy and cool conditions, flea beetles may duck for […]

Canola Disease and Pest Videos online!

Created May 29, 2014 | Category: Insects

Canola Disease Management and Identification Canola Pest Management and Identification


Canola Watch – May 14 – Seeding Date Quiz, Weed Mgmt timing

Created May 15, 2014 | Category: Events

Four the week You can’t control the weather. Seed when you can. Remember, more than half the canola acres last year were seeded after May 20. Spray instead. Early weed control pays big time. If too wet to seed, it might not be too wet to spray — but apply at warmer parts of the day. Clingy […]

CCC media release: Spring warm up for stored canola

Created May 5, 2014 | Category: Oilseeds

Spring warm up for stored canola   Storing canola through the summer? Storage experts recommend turning on aeration fans now to warm up stored canola to 5-10°C. May 5, 2014 Canola to be stored on farm through summer will be safer if warmed up before outside temperatures get hot. “The goal is to reduce the […]

Canola Watch – January 9, 2014 – Issue 1

Created January 10, 2014 | Category: Oilseeds

– Click here to view the entire issue – Rotation 2014 | Fertilizer 2014 | New CCC strategic plan January is show time. You can find Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialists at AgDays, CropSphere, Crop Production Show and FarmTech this month. January is also when growers often research and pencil out their final plans […]

CCC announces Ultimate Canola Challenge results

Created December 13, 2013 | Category: Farming Smarter

Dec. 12, 2013 – The Canola Council of Canada ran the Ultimate Canola Challenge (UCC) across the Prairies in 2013. UCC plots in Alberta and Saskatchewan compared either six or 13 treatments, with nine sites producing useable results. Four sites had the six-treatment trial and five sites had the full 13 treatments. All nine UCC […]

Canadian air drill vs. German planter

Created November 15, 2013 | Category: Oilseeds

  click to view full article on the WesternProducer Canola growers who seed with a corn planter say it isn’t necessarily just about yield. “There are other benefits to consider,” said Stephen Petluk, who used a Seed Hawk air drill and a Monosem corn planter this year to seed more than 4,000 acres of canola […]

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