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Conference 2014 Articles from Western Producer

News article

Burger Chain wants more Canadian Beef

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A & W does not use hamburger derived from cull cows.

As well, it continues to buy some of the meat for its Canadian burgers from the United States and Australia.

Queried by producers during a Dec. 3 Farming Smarter conference, A & W purchasing vice-president Trish Sahlstrom said the fast food chain uses beef from animals younger than 36 months because it is the only available classification that guarantees cull cows are not used.

“We do not use cull cows, and we never have,” said Sahlstrom.

The point speaks to criticism from some in the cattle industry about 
A & W’s “better beef” campaign, which claims the beef used in hamburgers contains no added hormones or steroids.

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Trials examine management practices, fungicides, UAN

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A 30 bushel per acre wheat yield increase from a second fungicide application? Few farmers would turn that down.

Sheri Strydhorst’s research achieved that result at several sites this past crop year, but a few provisos are attached.

Strydhorst, an agronomic research scientist with Alberta Agriculture, said the stellar results came on plots where the wheat variety was susceptible to disease and weather was con-ducive to disease pressure.

“But did it pay? Probably not as well as what a single well-timed application would have,” she said.

“Everyone wants to break yield barriers, of course, but to do it on large acres you have to have the economics guiding you as well.”

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Created December 14, 2014 | Category: Farming Smarter

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