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Event – Managing Information for Profit in Your Cow Herd

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Managing Information for Profit in your Cow Herd


February 10th – Days Inn and Suites, High Prairie
February 11th – Alumni Theatre, Lakeland College, Vermilion
February 12th – DMP 101, Olds College
February 13th – Old Residence Hall, Lethbridge College

9:30 am     Registration, Coffee/Muffins

Beef Herd Management Software/Technology Booths

9:45 am     BIXS 2 Update: “I’m registered, now what?”- hands-on learning focused on entering and retrieving animal data.  Bring a laptop if you would like to follow along.
(Larry Thomas, BIXS Coordinator/Holly LaBrie, BIXS Program Administrator)

10:45 am     Beef Herd Management Options – What information is important to collect, How to measure productivity and profitability of cows/bulls, and GOLD Indicators (Freeman Iwasiuk/Pat Ramsey/Vince McConnell/Jill Steenbergen, ARD)

11:30 am     Genetic Selection Tools & Designing Breeding Programs – How to use Expected Progeny Difference’s for Profitability (Kajal Devani, Director of Breed Improvement, Canadian Angus Association/Stephen Scott, General Manager, Canadian Hereford Association)

12:15 pm     Lunch…lunch…lunch… Beef Herd Management Software/Technology Booths

1:00 pm     Animal Health and Welfare Best Practices – Local Veterinarians, Dr. Kevin Brecker, Dr. Tim Goodbrand, Dr. Andrew Ritson-Bennett, and Dr. Ken Wright respectively

1:30 pm     Nutrition – How to use Cowbytes to meet cattle requirements and save on feed costs (Monica Benoit, ARECA, Barry Yaremcio/Jim Hansen, ARD)

2:00 pm     Coffee/Cookies

2:15 pm   Profiting from Information Management and Genomics – How Genomics and other emerging technologies (UHF tags, Growsafe, Apps) can add value (John Crowley, Canadian Beef Breeds Council/Tom Lynch-Staunton, Livestock Gentec)

3:15 pm     Q&A/Wrap-up Discussion

Beef Herd Management Software/Technology Booths

3:30 pm     Homeward Bound

Registration Fee: $25/producer, $12.50/student, includes lunch for those who pre-register.

Space is limited so please register by February 6 th.

To register call the Ag-Info Centre at 1-800-387-6030.

Sponsors: GF2, GOA, GOC, Livestock and Farm Business Branch ARD, Canadian Beef Breeds Council, Canadian Angus Association, Canadian Hereford Association, Livestock Gentec, Delta Genomics, ARECA, Beef Herd Management Software Companies (BIO, ITS Global, CattleMax, Veterinary Agri-Health Services), Verified Beef Production Program, AFSC.

Created January 28, 2015 | Category: Events

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