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Farming Smarter Conference & Trade Show

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The Farming Smarter Conference is December 23 and features two days of speakers from across the Prairies to broaden your agricultural knowledge Some of these presenters include Timothy Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Police and Research Director of the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta, Brent VanKoughnet, owner at Agri Skill Inc. and Peter Sikkema, Plant Agriculture Professor at University of Guelph 

Farming Smarter staff will give research project updates on strip-till corn, hail recovery, barley rolling, soil benchmarking, resistant kochia, flea beetle, precision planter trials, novel crop rotation, FHB management and Spornado. 

 The in-person event will have a limit of 100 people with many safety protocols in place such as dedicated entrance and exit doors, multiple sanitizer stations and mandatory masks to maintain a safe environment. 

Both days include yummy breakfasts and lunches. To keep everyone safe, the buffets will have servers and tables will have water bottles and salt & pepper packets.  

OR, take part in history by attending digitally! This is Farming Smarter’s first ever digital conference. Participants can log in with any device to view the virtual trade show, network, and watch presentations. 

You can also get nine (9!) Certified Crop Adviser credits including four Integrated Pest Management, three Crop Management, one Professional Development and 0.5 for Soil & Water Management and Nutrient Management. We don’t have the number yet, but you can also get continuing education credits for the Certified Crop Science Consultant Program and Pesticide Applicators.  

 In-person tickets are $300 each or you can register your whole team with a Cohort Table for $1,600 which includes six registrations. Online tickets for one day are $75 or $120 for the full conference. To find out more about the agenda or to register for the event, click here.   

  Virtual and physical trade show spaces are still available. Register here. 

 And don’t forget the always popular Christmas shopping bonus through the Southern Region 4-H will auction. This year Ritchie Brothers will host it online! Anyone can donate items or bid on items, you do not have to participate in the conference to get some great Christmas presents! 

Created November 4, 2020 | Category: News Articles

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