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Field Tested Program

We Bring Scientific Rigor to Your Research

Farming Smarter developed the Field Tested Program to help farmers and farm managers conduct scientifically rigorous on-farm research.

Collecting canola seed sample for an on farm field trial.

It expects this service to intrigue anyone that wants to research something about growing crops in southern Alberta.

Contact Lewis Baarda to inquire about this program

“We’re certainly interested in hearing from people that might want our help around creating a project under the Field Tested program.” Lewis

Project Examples

  • Product testing
  • Variety testing
  • Agronomic practice changes

Components of Service

Farming Smarter brings the ability to test products, varieties or methods to a field-scale environment exactly where you want it. We devote our time, equipment, expertise and experience to finding answers to your questions. We can help if you’re wondering how you might improve on-farm efficiencies, yields, management practices or crop rotations for example. Our name reflects what we bring to all our clients; we help people Farm Smarter.

Design Research Program

Design & prescribe implementation of trail

  • Strategically design trial to give meaning full results
  • Set project timeline to deliver reliable data
  • Seeding protocols

Manage Research Activities

Oversee all aspects of program tasks

  • Collect data
  • Guide treatments
  • Communicate to client progress, glitches, needs and successes
  • Troubleshoot challenges arising from equipment or weather  surprises
  • In-season data collection

 Data Analysis

  • Collect and compile all data during the program
  • Deliver annual and/or final reports
  • Highlight key findings
  • Make data driven recommendations
Swathing through a canola fertility trial.

Additional Information

Farming Smarter received 2018 funding through the Agriculture Funding Consortium to move this project forward.

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