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The Farming Smarter Conference

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4H Southern Region Auction

Farming Smarter hosts the Southern Region 4-H auction that is a major fundraiser for the regional 4H groups. Since 2011, these auctions raised thousands of dollars for these groups. We also provide a platform for the regional speaking competition winners to practice speaking to a large audience. 4-H regional speech contest winners wow the conference audience and the audience gives back through auctions.

Trade Show

Farming Smarter hosts a Trade Show in conjuction with our conference. Visit the event post for each year for specifics.

CCA & CCSC Credits

The American Society of Agronomy administers CCA credits.
CCA – Certified Crop Advisor

The University of Saskatchewan administers the national certification program for CCSC credits.
CCSC – Certified Crop Science Consultant

Both programs require certified members to obtain CEUs to maintain certified status. Certified attendees sign in (and out) depending on the certification requirements. Farming Smarter sends the paperwork to the appropriate agency to ensure participants receive their CEUs.

These CEUs only apply to participants with certification in good standing.

If you have any questions about the Farming Smarter Conference, please contact Jamie Puchinger, 403 317 0022

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