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The Farming Smarter Conference

Typically, 300 – 350 people gather for two days of presentations and a Trade Show that offers businesses a showcase and on-farm innovators a place to see new products, ask questions and compare notes.

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4-H Partnership

Farming Smarter created a partnership with the Southern Region 4-H in 2011 and invited them to participate as speakers at the conferences. Now, 4-H regional speech contest winners wow the conference audience and the audience gives back through auctions. Through this initiative, conference participants raise thousands of dollars that provide funding for regional 4-H judging competitions.

Conference Sponsorship

Our conference sponsors allow Farming Smarter to make each event a fun, instructive experience for attendees. Every year offers new opportunities for sponsors and Farming Smarter to collaborate. Shelly Barclay manages the collaboration and ensures every sponsor receives value for participation and support. Visit the annual conference page for detailed information. *Sponsorship packages are available at the bottom of this page

CCA & CCSC Credits

Farming Smarter works with the appropriate institutions to offer continuing education credits (CEUs) for Certified Crop Advisors and Certified Crop Science Consultants.

The American Society of Agronomy administers CCA credits.

The University of Saskatchewan administers the national certification program for CCSC credits.

Both programs require certified members to obtain CEUs to maintain certified status. Certified attendees sign in (and out) depending on the certification requirements. Farming Smarer sends the paperwork to the appropriate agency to ensure participants receive their CEUs.

These CEUs only apply to participants with certification in good standing.

If you are interested in becoming certified or learning more about what it is, please visit these pages.

CCA – Certified Crop Advisor
CCSC – Certified Crop Science Consultant

If you have any questions about the Farming Smarter Conference, please contact Jamie Puchinger, 403 317 0022

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