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2011 Farming Smarter Conference

According to attendees, the 2011 Farming Smarter Conference at Lethbridge Lodge was spectacularly successful and truly enjoyed! Approximately 290 farmers, agronomists, industry representatives and others enjoyed a wide range of forward thinking topics.

Highlights included Jolene Brown, Dr. Dwayne Beck, Kevin Hursh, Tom Droog, Dr. Mario Trono, Shaun Haney and Gary Chambers. All speakers and topics received very high ratings and we thank them all for helping us produce a memorable and thought provoking event.  Here are just a few positive comments:

Can’t think of a thing to suggest—it was just great!!

Great job Farming Smarter Crew!

Just another great program!

Great work!  Excellent!  Very informative and entertaining.

Our team was extremely impressed with the show. Congrats on its success and all the work you have put into it. We look forward to working with you next year.

Excellent focus on technology and new issues to agriculture. Very forward looking—Keep it up!

Everything discussed this year was extremely relevant and something we all need to pay attention to. Well done!!

4-H Social was awesome! 

Special kudos go out to all the sponsors, tradeshow participants and attendees whose support is critical to a valuable event.  Last but not least, thanks to the board of directors and committee members for enabling and contributing to the event.

This year we hoped to include youth in agriculture and we felt the best way was to include presentations from 4-H speakers and based on comments we received this was a welcome addition. The Farming Smarter Fun, Food and 4-H Auction was a wonderful evening venture that resulted in over $10,000 raised to support local 4-H in the Southern Region.

Video of Global TV at the Conference

 Video of Farm.TV at the Conference

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