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2013 Field School

Theme: Down Under: Can you dig it?

Watch the wrap up video!

Agenda 2013 PDF 

Field School 2013 Presenter Bios

Field School 2013 Session Summaries

The 2013 Farming Smarter field school attracted almost 300 people over three days to explore the world beneath our feet.
The volume and quality of information offered by the speakers ensured everyone left with something new to try at home that might improve a bottom line.
If you believe hands on opportunities and dialogue with people doing the research is the best way to learn, the field school is the place to find that opportunity in southern Alberta.

Dr. J. HummelDr.  Jeremy Hummel demonstrated how to make a bait ball to test fields for cut & wire worms.

Dr. Hector Carcamo 










Dr. Hector Carcamo talked about a world of ground dwelling predators ready to eat agricultural pests.


  Look at all of them!


Dr. Ron Howard took us into the world of fungi control – in particular club root in canola. This is a portable equipment washing station.

Some participants earned credits from the sessions.

CCA Credits
 Total CEUs  5.5

CC SC Credits
Total CEUs 5.25


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