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2017 Field School

#FSFS17   June 27, 28 or 29, 2017

Dr. Reem Aboukhaddour talking about wheat streak at #FSFS17

In 2017, Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation. To honor that, Farming Smarter created an agenda that looked at the past, present and future of farming in southern Alberta. It can sometimes be enlightening to take a big picture view and this was an opportunity to see how far farming advanced over the past 50 years let alone 150 years.

We had senior farmers, retired scientists and active researchers giving us a really good picture of some of the change in on-farm management practices & mechanical technologies. Sometimes we get so caught up in the answers we’re looking for today that we forget the brilliant answers people found before us. There will always be a better way to do something today than there was yesterday. But if we forget that yesterday was also a breakthrough, we might stop appreciating the cleverness, innovation and work that brought us to today. #FSFS17 reminded us farmers have always been brilliant!




Complete agenda in a pdf

 FSFS17 agenda

Dr. Tom Jensen, International Plant Nutrition Program, talked about plant needs and the development of nutritional products for the ag industry.

Video Files from #FSFS17

Green Revolution with Dr. Tom Jensen  

A Sprinkle in Time with Roger Hohm & Shelley Woods 

Shelly Woods provided her posters in pdf form for you * Irrigation Posters FSFS 2017 *

A Sprinkle in Time with Roger Hohm

Keep it Covered with Rob Dunn & Dr. Bob Blackshaw

Tillage Tales with Dr. Ben Ellert & Dr. Wayne Lindwall  

Planting the Back 40 with Ron Svanes & Richard Fritzler

Breaking the Land

Precision Planter with Ken Coles

Pests of Past & Present with Dr. Reem Aboukhaddour

Settling southern Alberta with Wendy Aitkens

Lanny Aitken demonstrates what it was like to plow the fields only a few decades ago.

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