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Canola Emergence

Project Lead: Dr. Robert Blackshaw, AAFC 

Timeline: 2009 – 2012


 Canola emergence is often only 40-70% of planted seed. Slow seeding speeds (4 mph) may increase canola emergence, but farmers need to seed large areas in a short time


To determine how important seeding speed, seeding depth, and opener type are on canola emergence


Collaborators: Blaine Metzger, AG Tech Centre; Farming Smarter 

newly emerged canola

Locations: Lethbridge & Lacombe, AB; Scott & Indian Head, Sask.

Established experiments on cereal stubble 2008-2010. Seeded two cultivars of canola at 150 seeds/m2 with knife openers at 2 depths (1 & 4 cm) driving two speeds (4 & 7 mph).

Final Report

Opener type

  • No differences in canola emergence in 2011
  • Significant differences in 4 of 5 sites in 2012
  • Inconsistent results in terms of a superior opener
  • All openers usually performed well

Seeding speed (6 vs. 4 mph):

  • Reduced emergence in 20% of cases in 2011
  • Reduced emergence in 33% of cases in 2012

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AAFC Canola-Emergence

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