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Agronomic Influences on Fiber and Grain Yield in Industrial Hemp

Farming Smarter Project

Project Timeline: 2018-2022

Project Contact: Mike Gretzinger



This project is a continuation of a previous hemp project that was lead by Dr. Jan Slaski at InnoTech Alberta. These trials were built on the knowledge we gained from the first ones, and on the questions that couldn’t be answered the first time around. This project will combine the separate seeding rate and seeding date trials that were separate in the first project. The fertility trial is to see if yield and timing can be optimized. There is also a perfectly placed trial in hemp that will be looking at safe rates of liquid P and another trial comparing the planter to the air drill.


  • Fertility trial
    • Look at optimizing yield and timing of crops.
  • Perfectly placed trials
    • Look at safe rates of liquid phosphorus.
    • Compare the planter to the air drill
  • Learn the results of the combined seeding rate and seeding date trials.


Locations: Lethbridge, Vegreville and Falher, AB

Three trials were grown in three locations each in 2019, for a total of 9 trials. The hemp fertility trial (20 treatments), rate x date trial (18 treatments) and variety trials (15 treatments) were grown at Farming Smarter in Lethbridge, InnoTech in Vegreville and SARDA in Falher, AB for a total of 636 plots. During the season, data was collected on emergence, flowering and maturity, heights, male/female ratio, fibre yield and grain yield.


This project is currently in progress. As we move forward, we’ll update you with some more information! 

Thank you! 


Check back in 2022 for this section.

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