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Farming Smarter Project

Timeline: 2019-2023

Project Contact: Gurbir Dhillon


Biostimulants are a relatively new class of crop additive that suggests they can help grow healthier, therefore higher yield/quality crops.  

They emerged into use after regulations on fertilizers changed in Canada in 2013. This three-year project intends to understand different biostimulants and the different affects they may produce on common crops.  


 To test the full product package of some fertility/biostimulant companies and determine potential for improved crop yield. 


3-year rotational sites at Farming Smarter, Battle River Research Group & SARDA Research

  • Lethbridge,AB
  • Battle River, AB 
  • SARDA – Falher, AB 

Rotation of canola, peas, wheat  

Data Collection (examples) 

  1. Plant counts (to confirm even stands) 

  1. Vigour 4-6 leaf (to assess any vigor improvements) 

  1. NDVI and Canapeo (data for biomass improvements) 

  1. Biomass 

  1. Tissue testing  

  1. Treatment pictures 

  1. Heights 

  1. Growing dates 

  1. Yield 


Final results of this project will publish in 2024. To follow along with progress, attend Farming Smarter events or subscribe to Agronomy Smarts



Project Videos

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