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Communicating Science with Modern Tools

Farming Smarter Project

Project Timeline: 2019-2021

Project Contact: Jamie Puchinger


Technology continues to change the way people get information.  Agriculture needs to embrace these technologies to engage in efficient and meaningful knowledge exchange.  Real communication is more than just broadcasting information.  We feel that rich content, human interaction and easy access to information using new tools such as podcasts, virtual reality and apps will help realise the full value of investments in science. 


1. Produce exciting content using 360-degree videos to deliver scientific findings

2. Produce interactive training using virtual reality and augmented reality tours.

3. Produce personal and engaging content via podcasts.

4. Develop and launch a Farming Smarter mobile app for simple and convenient access to information


Virtual and Augmented reality training and tours – Create Virtual Reality tours of our current projects and publish them online where anyone can access them. This will allow people to navigate around a landscape, click on marked points of interest and read more information about an aspect of the specific tour. We will develop 3 VR tours and 2 360 degree videos per year.

Podcasts – Develop podcasts focused on applied agricultural research and science. The content will cover a diverse range of ag-related stories in a casual, transparent and easily digestible manner.

Farming Smarter Mobile App – An application developed for mobile devices in order to house Farming Smarter’s information in a readily available and simple to access hub.



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