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High Value Specialty Crops

2018 – current

Project Contact: Ken Coles


The agriculture industry in Canada needs to be diverse within strong developing markets. This means it is extremely important for on-farm profitability that producers can meet demands and identify opportunities for added value within their market. One such opportunity is adding high value specialty crops to western Canadian crop rotations. We want to identify the best fit of novel crops into standard crop sequences within three agro-climatic zones.


  • Identification of the impacts of novel crops introduced to production in Alberta and Saskatchewan on the performance of staple crops
  • Diminish risks of crop failure due to inadequate management of new crops by the lack of knowledge for novel crop production
  • Generation of comprehensive, agro-climatic zone specific agronomic information that will be critical for successful introduction of novel crops into rotations.
  • Dissemination of knowledge throughout field days, papers, reports and electronic media


Locations: Lethbridge, Vegreville, Falher and Indian Head, SK.

We will be using a strip design approach for this study, involving eight crops including a core set of stable cops (wheat, barley, canola, pea) and selected novel crops (hemp, quinoa, dry beans, soybean, flax, corn) gaining popularity among Alberta growers. Since there is significant climate differences among the locations, novel crops will be site specific.

Altogether, 64 crop sequence combinations will be evaluated.



This project is currently in progress. As we move forward, we’ll update you with some more information! 

Thank you! 

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