Leaf Spot Fungicide

2013 – 2015

Diseases [leaf spots, rusts and fusarium head blight (FHB)] have greatly reduced wheat yield and quality in western Canada in recent years.  Wheat growers want to know the level of leaf spot control that can be expected with a fungicide application at the heading stage (FHB timing) of wheat, or in other words if a single fungicide application aimed at control of FHB will also provide effective leaf spot control.  This proposed project aims to answer this question. Normally, fungicides are applied at the seedling stage and/or at flag leaf emergence for control of leaf spot diseases and at head emergence (to early anthesis)  for FHB, but there is very little information on the potential benefits of fungicide applied at the FHB timing (early anthesis) for leaf spot control.  In addition to conventional fungicides, new tools to manage FHB, e.g. biofungicides have been shown to reduce FHB symptoms and DON accumulation in durum wheat.

This project will determine the efficacy of conventional fungicides and a biofungicide, to manage fusarium head blight and leaf spotting diseases.  The results will be used to develop effective fungicide strategies for wheat growers.  We propose to evaluate the effect of fungicide applications for fungal leaf and head diseases of wheat at two application timings (flag emergence and early anthesis) when applied singly or in tank-mix pairs. We also plan to evaluate a biofungicide that claims to have efficacy against FHB.

Jamie shows leaf disease on an untreated check

Jamie shows leaf disease on an untreated check

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