Night Spraying Pesticides

Farming Smarter Project

Project Lead: Ken Coles


Timeline: 2012 – 2015

Collaborators: Farming Smarter; Smokey Applied Research & Demonstration Association; Alberta Crop diversification Centre South; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Locations: Lethbridge, Brooks, Lacombe, Falher

Producers rely heavily on pesticides, especially under zero-tillage systems. Growers try to farm more acres
using the same equipment, and sometimes stretch the boundaries of recommended application conditions.
Timing is critical for optimal herbicide performance. Night spraying may provide a feasible alternative to
poor daytime conditions and could potentially improve efficacy due to greater absorption. Night spraying
might provide farmers with the option to cover the same acres in a shorter time frame or to cover more
acres with the same equipment.

This project will evaluate day (12-2pm), night (12pm-1am) and early morning (4-5am) spray timings for
preseed burn down and in crop herbicide applications. The preseed burn down trials will be near
Lethbridge, AB and will evaluate 4 herbicides at label and half rates. Two trials will be conducted with
different spray dates to ensure differing spray conditions.

The in crop trials will be in Lethbridge, Bonnyville and Falher, and will evaluate approximately 12
herbicides for efficacy (weed control) and crop tolerance (phytotoxicity) in wheat, peas, Liberty Link (LL)
-canola and Roundup Ready (RR)-canola.

If night spraying proves to be a valuable option to farmers, it has the potential to increase profits for
farmers and decrease irresponsible application of pesticides.




Night Spraying Herbicide Report – the final report from this project. It provides data, tables, results and methodology.







Alberta Canola Producers Commission 


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