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Incorporating pesticide rinsate biobeds

Farming Smarter Projects

Timeline: 2019-2022

Project contact: Jamie Puchinger


This project aims to design a large-scale biobed at Farming Smarter to ensure we are biofiltering all our rinsate. A mobile unit will be built to promote the adoption of on-farm pesticide rinsate biobeds and demonstrate their potential in helping food producers reduce water contamination by pesticides. We will accomplish this by using first-hand knowledge of biobed operation and construction while implementing an on-site permanent biobed here at Farming Smarter. Sharing and using these skills along with demonstrating the results to event participants and area producers aligns with our goal to aid the Alberta Farming Community.


  1. 100% of Farming Smarter rinsate is biofiltered by 2020
  2.  50 on farm biobeds implemented by 2023


Location: Lethbridge AB

A demonstration biobed easily accessible and actively used to remediate pesticide waste from the research farm will help promote on-farm adoption. In addition, the research farm represents a worst-case scenario where we use a large number of different pesticides annually (more than 50 pesticides) and generate a large volume of rinsate due to the multiple changes of tank mixes required daily to spray small plots with different crops and requirements. 

A mobile biobed system was built on a 14 foot aluminum trailer which is available for interested persons to take and model their construction off this unit.

Biobed System quote


Photo showing the biobed system set up at Farming Smarter.

Photo of the mobile biobed. Call 403-317-0022 to book this unit.

Check back in 2022 for more detailed results.


Build a biobed on your farm today!

Biobed construction, operation and maintenance manual

Biobed System quote

CAP funding available 


Project Videos

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