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Growing Stewardship

Farming Smarter makes a commitment to foster sustainable farming practices. Wherever we can, we will partner, research, inform and support cost effective projects that are good for the land, air, water and crops.

To the right, we will post possible sources of funding or information for landowners that may encourage or help them live on the land for generations to come.

If you have information to add to this page for producers; a project you believe will help producers steward their land or an alternative production practice that requires some research, please contact Stewardship Coordinator Jamie Puchinger (jamie at




Top Priorities for Southern Alberta Farmers

Farming Smarter conducted an agri-environmental survey to
determine top issues farmers want addressed.
Here is what you told us is important to you!

  1. Nutrient placement (rate, timing, method and form)
  2. Resistance
  3. Nutrient efficiency
  4. Soil structure/quality/organic matter
  5. Water use efficiency
  6. Elimination of beneficial insects & bioaccumulation
  7. Cropping & tillage practices
  8. Water Contamination
  9. New pest introduction
  10. Lack of protection for sensitive areas

We would love to hear about your stewardship efforts on your farm. If you would like to share your story, please contact Claudette at 403-317-0022 or (claudette at

 – Stewardship Video Series –
Candid Modern Farmers

Not Grandpa’s Farm

Farming in the Wild

The Air Quality Resources for Alberta Livestock Producers:

  • assists producers in addressing air quality issues,
  • educates producers about the risks associated with exposure to harmful pollutants found inside livestock buildings
  • provides producers with tools and strategies that can help them reduce the impact of air quality on surrounding neighbourhoods and communities

Our Air Quality Specialists, Ike Edeogu and Atta Atia have also been working on a series of Shelterbelt Factsheets for Livestock Farms.  This factsheet series works very well with the new shelterbelt program that has been added to the Growing Forward Grazing Management Portfolio.  Shelterbelt Establishment – $10,000 (50% cost share).  So any farmer who wishes to plant trees to help with air quality issues may be eligible.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact

Ike Edeogu at  or phone: 780-415-2359

Atta Atia at or phone 780-427-4215

The Shelterbelt Factsheet for Livestock Farms in Alberta Series:

1. Shelterbelts for Livestock Farms in Alberta: Overview – Agdex 400/092-1  (Available through ARD’s publication office – 1-800-292-5697)

2. Shelterbelts for Livestock Farms in Alberta: Planning, Planting and Maintenance – Agdex 400/092-2

3. Shelterbelts for Livestock Farms in Alberta: Shelterbelt Planning Workbook – Agdex 400/092-3


On-Farm Stewardship Program updates Funding List to include more BMPs:

Effective April 1, 2014

  • Shelterbelt Establishment
  • Sectional Control for seeding/fertilizing equipment
  • Grain bag plastic rolling equipment

Please refer to the funding list for cost shares, project maximums and eligible items.



See what we did over summer 2013 here.

To see videos from previous events click here.




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