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Growing Stewardship

Farming Smarter makes a commitment to foster sustainable farming practices. Wherever we can, we will partner, research, inform and support cost effective projects that are good for the land, air, water and crops.

To the right, we will post possible sources of funding or information for landowners that may encourage or help them live on the land for generations to come.

If you have information to add to this page for producers; a project you believe will help producers steward their land or an alternative production practice that requires some research, please contact Stewardship Coordinator Jamie Puchinger (jamie at 403 317 0022

We would love to hear about your stewardship efforts on your farm. If you would like to share your story, please contact Claudette at 403-317-0022 or (claudette at

Stewardship Video Series

Candid Modern Farmers

Not Grandpa’s Farm

Farming in the Wild

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