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Late Season Soil Sampling

News article

How’s our soil health?

Our team is about to find out!

Farming Smarter uses a truck-mounted hydraulic Ram System to collect our samples.

Lewis Baarda (On-Farm Research) and Toby Mandel (Site Manager) kick started our autumn soil sampling for the Deep Banding Immobile Nutrients project yesterday afternoon. Our last foray into the world of soil had us collecting samples in early May. 

Over the summer, we also had some great insight from the ever so brilliant Yamily Zavala and Norm Flore about soil health at our Medicine Hat Field Day.

Baarda and Mandel packed up shop about a third of the way through our deep banding plots and will continue collecting samples later today.

Mandel empties three soil samples from an individual plot into a bin.
The soil is bagged and sealed after collection and sent off to a lab to determine background soil nutrient levels.
One of the specific locations where they took soil samples.

Created November 1, 2018 | Category: News Articles

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