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Partnership Works for Everyone Click here for a pdf of this post with photos

Farming Smarter made sure Lethbridge College, Special Crops students toiled in the hemp fields Sept. 18. Lethbridge College Agriculture Sciences instructor Adriana Navarro Borrell M.Sc. brought 34 students to experience agriculture research in real life.

“It was great opportunity for us to help with the harvest and learn more about hemp production in Lethbridge. Students were very happy,” she said. The field work fit in with student studies well.

Said student Randi, “The field trip to Farming Smarter to learn about hemp production was an interesting and rewarding experience. It was fascinating to see the stark difference between the male

and female plants of the dioecious varieties. Helping to biomass the hemp plots allowed one a little more understanding of how agricultural small plot research works. Seeing how replications and randomizations affect experiment variables was eye-opening. Overall, this field trip was a worthwhile and valuable opportunity.”

As for Farming Smarter, General Manager Ken Coles made no bones about the fact he intended to work the students hard, but also appreciated the opportunity to see young, enthusiastic people in the field.

“It’s great when young people show so much interest in our work,” Coles said. He added that it also strengthens ties with the college to offer this type of opportunity to its students.

A win-win side-effect of this activity occurred when student Aurora Eggert asked to volunteer for Farming Smarter in exchange for the learning experience it offers her. She will help during the busy harvest and cataloging season at the shops.

Created September 24, 2015 | Category: Growing New Ideas

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