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Pulse Check for August 28

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Desiccating & Harvesting
Your Faba Beans

Faba bean crops will mature in approximately 110 to 130 days, although this maturity time can vary greatly due to either drought or excess moisture conditions.

Late seeded fields tend to have increased days to maturity, decreased yield and slower pod ripening but this can vary greatly from year to year. 

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Alberta Pulse Growers Coming Events

Coming Events

If you have any events you would like to promote through Pulse Check, let us know.
Pulse Market Insight

Pulse Market Insight

We now have the first yield 2013 estimates from StatsCan and they generally confirm the positive outlook we’ve been seeing.

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Feed Pea Benchmark

Feed Pea Benchmark

In Western Canada, feed peas are trading as follows:

AB $285 – $305
SK $285 – $300
MB $285 – $300

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Faba Bean First Timer

APG is hiring!

Alberta Pulse Growers’ Communications Coordinator combines an interest in both food and farming to spread the good word about pulse crops.

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Created September 3, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

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