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RTW This Week – Agri-News:July 27 – August 2, 2013

News article


Agriculture Flood Relief

It’s been over a month since the disastrous floods took place in Alberta. Although the flooding caused damage to the province’s agriculture sector, Alberta Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson says it could have been much worse.

 Click to listen to the interview with Minister Olson. > 

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Agriculture Ministers Discuss Trade and Livestock Price Insurance

Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson was recently in Halifax, meeting with his federal and provincial counterparts. Minister Olson says if there was a dominant theme at the meeting, it was trade.

Changing Food Retail Landscape in Canada and Alberta

The Canadian Food Retail industry is changing. As big-box stores continue to open across Canada, numerous ethnic (largely Asian) large-format grocery stores are also being built across the country. Empire Co., the parent company of Canada’s second-largest grocery chain Sobeys, acquired Safeway Inc.’s Canadian operations in June 2013. This positions Sobeys as a leading grocer in Western Canada and the largest grocer in Alberta with 234 stores combined. The changes retailers are making reflect Canada’s increasingly diverse consumer base.

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Farm Equipment Repair Parts Warranty and Availability

Every sale of a new farm implement in Alberta carries a warranty that repair parts will be made available for 10 years from the date of the sale agreement and must be available within a time determined by the Farm Implement Act Regulations. These original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair parts carry a 90-day warranty, stating that they are free of defects in material and workmanship from the date the parts are first used in the first normal season of use.

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French Lamb Casserole

Alberta Lamb Producers maintain a website Alberta Lamb – You’ve Got Great Taste! The website includes a wealth of recipes, a cut chart, nutritional information as well as a cooking tips section. This summer, give Alberta Lamb a try – it’s perfect for any occasion from a backyard barbecue to a gourmet dinner party.

 Click to view this recipe. > 


Pest Corner

Top 10 Things to Consider When Scouting for Insects

In the July 24 issue of CanolaWatch, the lead article discusses what to look for when scouting your fields for insects. Right now is a good time to check for other signs of crop disease and infestation and if not mitigate for this year, modify management plans for subsequent years.

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Update on the Pest Situation

Alberta Agriculture’s insect management specialist, Scott Meers provides an update on the pest front.

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New and Revised Crop Information on Alberta Agriculture’s Website

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development hosts a vast amount of information on its website. Producers can find factsheets on almost any crop, livestock, production or processing topic they can name. As an ongoing commitment to Alberta producers, new factsheets are written and posted and existing factsheets are reviewed and revised as new information comes available.

 More information on these two factsheets is available in Agri-News. > 


Hail Damage and Nitrates

Recent hail damage in the province means some farmers will be looking to convert their crops to feed. Barry Yaremcio, Alberta Agriculture beef and forage specialist, shares some thoughts on the subject. For more information on this, call the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM.

 Click to listen to the Call of the Land interview with Yaremcio. > 


Small Scale Livestock CSA Field Day

A field day focusing on small scale livestock production will be held in Red Deer County, west of Bowden on August 26, 2013. As part of the field day, there will be a visit to White Creek Meats, an operation that includes laying hens, broiler chickens, turkeys, bison and cattle. White Creek Meats direct market meat and eggs to local customers through word of mouth and their website.

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Developing a New Vaccine for Poultry

In partnership with the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA), Dr. Christine Szymanski and Dr. Mario Feldman are leading a team of researchers in creating a new vaccine for poultry. The vaccine targets two pathogens that affect poultry producers – Salmonella and Clostridium perfringens (C. perfringens).

 To learn more, click here to read ALMA’s latest information bulletin. > 


Before Buying Farmland

With interest rates low and cash reserves available, some producers may be looking at buying farmland. If you’re one of those, Alberta Agriculture has put together a list of questions that may help. Rick DeHod, a grain farm business specialist with the department, talks about what farmers should consider before purchasing. A recent Agri-News article, The 16 Questions to Consider Before Buying Farmland covers this topic in detail.

 Click here to listen to the Call of the Land interview. > 

People Practices Review

Alberta Agriculture is offering a new service to help producers and agri-processing companies attract and keep employees. Jodi Murphy talks about the new people practices review. For further information, contact Murphy at 780-644-5379.

 Click here to listen to the interview. > 

Food & Ag Processing

Off the Beaten Palate – Alberta

Alberta food and tourism were profiled on the T.V. program Off the Beaten Palate. The Alberta episode was broadcast in the spring of 2013 on PBS/Detroit Public Television to 18.6 millions of viewers, travelers and food industry aficionados across North America.

 Click here for more information in Agri-News. > 


Fuel, Used Storage and the On-farm Stewardship Program

The On-Farm Stewardship Program is designed to support the implementation of beneficial management practices that reduce the risk of agricultural contaminants entering surface and ground water supplies. The program provides financial support to active producers for the implementation of approved projects that minimize impacts on water supply and quality. Murray Green, a stewardship extension specialist, is involved with the program’s fuel & used storage category and helps producers with a number of things, such as the change to double walled tanks. For more information, contact Greenat 403-948-8518 or visit the Growing Forward 2 website. 

 Click to listen to the Call of the Land interview. > 

Rural Development

Classroom Agriculture Program is Looking for Coordinators

The Classroom Agriculture Program is looking for coordinators. Program coordinator Karen Spelay talks about the role of coordinators and the program itself. For more information on being a coordinator for the Classroom Agriculture Program, or on the program itself, visit the CAP website, or call Spelay at 403-710-1959.

 Click here to listen to the Call of the Land interview. > 

What’s Ahead for the Property Rights Advocate

One of outcomes of the Property Rights Task Force was the establishment of the Property Rights Advocate Office, which is not only new to Alberta, but unique to Canada. Lee Cutforth was named to that role in December of 2012. He talks about some of the things he has on the go for the near future.

 Click here to listen to the interview. > 

Century Farm Awards

Families Honoured in Medicine Hat for 100-year Commitment to Agriculture

Pioneering Alberta families who have farmed and ranched the same land for 100 years or more are being recognized by the Government of Alberta with Century Farm and Ranch Awards. A total of 82 families are being recognized across the province this year. This includes families who were recognized at an awards luncheon during the Exhibition and Stampede in Medicine Hat on July 27.

 More information and photos are available by clicking this link. > 

Created July 30, 2013 | Category: Agronomy

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