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RTW this Week: Agri-News (September 16, 2013)

News article



One Day – 1000 Young City Slickers

The Multicultural Heritage Centre is once again hosting the City Slickers program in Stony Plain at the Stony Plain Heritage Park, on September 20, 2013. City Slickers is a powerful one-day event that introduces Grades 4 and 5 students to the many facets of agriculture. Children experience agriculture first-hand and develop an understanding and appreciation for the vital role agriculture plays in Alberta’s society, economy and environment.

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Move Equipment Safely on Public Roads This Harvest

According to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR) program, 13 per cent of farm-related fatalities across Canada are traffic-related, and most involved tractors. During the busy fall harvest season, farmers often travel long distances between fields, and this requires transporting equipment on public roads throughout rural Alberta. Farm equipment is oversized and slow compared to other vehicles using the roads, and when certain procedures are not met, this can lead to collisions and other incidents.

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New Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle

The new Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle has just been released. Geoff Urton, who represented the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies on the Code Development Committee, says this Code of Practice sets a new standard that will improve the lives of beef cattle across the country. The Code’s development was led by a 15-person committee comprised of beef cattle producers, animal welfare and enforcement representatives, researchers, transporters, processors, veterinarians and government representatives. Copies of the new code are available through the National Farm Animal Care Council  website, and through provincial cattlemen’s associations.

Country Corn and Barley Relish

Autumn, golden leaves, cool nights and canning and preserves! Pickles and relishes are a wonderful addition to the shelves and the treasure-drove that Alberta cooks dip into during the long winter months. This recipe from the Alberta Barley Commission and Barley Foods is sure to become a yearly must on your canning list, or in smaller amounts, a great side dish for burgers, steaks and chicken dishes.

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Pest Corner

Post-Harvest Herbicide Applications

Research at the University of Alberta appears to reinforce the importance of post-harvest herbicide applications. Scientists have also found that changing up timing and herbicide rotations, combined with proper crop rotations, can help manage weed resistance. BASF helped fund the research and its technical development specialist, Bryce Geise, says waiting until spring to apply herbicides can give the weeds time to get too big and become much harder to control. He also argues a post-harvest burndown allows growers to start with cleaner fields come spring, meaning far less weed competition during seeding.

Export Markets

Fall Market Access Tour

The Market Access Tour is back this fall. Building on the success of the first Market Access Tour in April, more province-wide seminars are being held to help businesses export products and services. Led by Cal Dallas, Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations, the fall Market Access Tour will travel to seven communities to make businesses aware of services to help them export products. Seminars are being held in St. Albert, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park on Monday, September 16; Red Deer and Olds on Tuesday, September 17; Calgary and Lethbridge on Wednesday, September 18; and, Friday, October 25 in Airdrie. For more information, visit the Market Access Tour website.

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Exporting Sheep and Goat Genetics

The federal government says Brazil has approved the import of sheep and goat genetics from Canada. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the market is estimated to be worth up to $2 million annually for Canadian exporters. Two-way trade between Canada and Latin America and the Caribbean has increased by 32 per cent between 2007 and 2012. Total Canadian global exports of animal genetics reached $103.6 million in 2012, while Brazil imported a total of $31 million in animal genetics.


Latest Issue of CanolaWatch Online

The Canola Council of Canada has posted the September 11 issue of CanolaWatch on their website. The issue includes articles on efficient combining, curing canola, aeration advice, storing canola in bags, re-activating the green-clearing enzyme and a disease update on sclerotinia, clubroot, blackleg and alternaria.

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ACPC Invests in

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission (ACPC) announced support for, a web-based tool that helps farmers find agriculture training opportunities in Canada. The searchable database, managed by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC), has an extensive catalogue of educational opportunities in all areas of farm management including, business planning, human resource management, marketing, financial management, production and more.

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Arboriculture Industry Conference

Edmonton is the site of the International Society of Arboriculture Prairie Chapter conference in October. President Gerard Fournier talks about the conference. Some topics being covered include: tree risk assessment, safe and proper use of saws, chainsaw maintenance, examining roots with air tools, and disease and insect issues. The conference is October 8 and 9. The tree climbing championship is October 5 and 6. The deadline to register for the conference is September 15. For more information, contact Fournier at 403-994-0094, or visit the conference website.

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Reducing Potential Insect Infestations in Stored Grain

The Canadian Grain Commission is reminding farmers that as the 2013 grain harvest gets underway, it is important to take steps now to reduce potential insect infestations in stored grain. Brent Elliott, infestation control and sanitation officer, says although this year was not as warm as the preceding summer, there is ample potential for stored grain insects to infest bins as grain comes in from harvest.

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Alberta Crop Report

The latest crop report has been posted to Alberta Agriculture’s website. It indicates that the excellent weather experienced across the province during the past two weeks advanced crop maturity and allowed harvest to progress. Overall, provincial average yields are estimated to be above their 10-year averages, with good quality.

 For the most recent Alberta Crop Report, click here. > 


Fall Harvesting Alfalfa

Alfalfa cutting time and stand longevity come into question during harvest time each year. An Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) factsheet offers insight into this important topic.

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New Posts to has added 10 new information postings for producer review and benefit.

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Top 20 Tips for Feeding Sheep for Optimum Performance

Dr. Susan Markus, livestock research scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, has put together a list of 20 tips to keep in mind when feeding sheep for optimum performance.

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Canadian Beef Exports to China Show Strong Growth

Canadian beef exports to mainland China in the first half of 2013 have shown dramatic growth compared to levels from the same time period in 2012. It is expected that 2013 will see Canada’s highest exports to China ever.

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Confined Feeding Operations and the Role of NRCB

Andy Cumming, director of field services for the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) discusses:

Deanne Madsen, a CFO extension specialist with Alberta Agriculture, discusses:

For more information, call the Ag Info Centre at 310-3276, visit theNRCB website or Alberta Agriculture’s AOPA webpage.

 Farm Safety

Fourth Year of FCC Ag Safety Fund Set to Begin

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) in partnership with Farm Credit Canada (FCC) is calling for applications to the FCC Ag Safety Fund. The $100,000 fund will be disbursed among successful applicants in early 2014. Applications accepted from September 16 to October 27, 2013.

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Food & Ag Processing

Consumers’ Perceptions of Healthy Foods and Healthy Food Products

Bev Stangeland, executive director of the BioAccess Commercialization Centre, which helps companies who produce natural health products, talks about a survey to find out more about Canadian consumers’ perceptions of healthy foods, ingredients and natural health products. She says that access to this information is crucial. Survey results are being presented at the Healthy Food and NHP Ingredients Alliance Workshop in Edmonton on September 19. For more information on the workshop, contact Margurite Thiessen at 780-968-3513.

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Fall Yard Care

Signs heralding autumn have begun. As the days get shorter and Albertans start preparing for fall and winter, remember that spending some time in the yard now can pay big dividends next year.

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Irrigation Management Seminar

Irrigated land is trading at up to $1,000,000 per quarter and irrigation itself costs money. Getting the most out of an irrigation investment starts with a good understanding of factors such as how much water crops use at various growth stages; how much water soils can hold; and, when to start irrigating and how much water to apply to optimize crop production. The Irrigation Management Seminar, being held in Lethbridge on October 16, is a one-day, in-class and in-the-field learning opportunity.

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Rural Development


One place, One people, One province. Alberta Rural Development Network’s event – ARDN One is the One event to attend to learn about community development efforts in rural Alberta. ARDN One is a great opportunity to network with other rural Alberta citizens, innovators, and leaders focused on helping rural Alberta thrive.

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Jobs In Agriculture

Full-Time Technology Translator

Livestock Gentec is looking for a full-time Technology Translator who will assist in the interpretation of industry needs and transfer of research for practical application in the livestock industry. This person will foster communication and collaboration between the research program at Livestock Gentec, its service arm Delta Genomics, with industry associations, producer groups, and individual producers.

 Click here for more information, responsibilities and contact information. > 

Research & Technology

Investment in Crop Research

The Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance has received an investment of $7 million from the federal government to lead a research cluster to help producers better compete in global markets.

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Dairy Research

Marcos Colazo, a dairy scientist with Alberta Agriculture, talks about some of the research in reproductive management taking place at the Dairy Research and Technology Centre in Edmonton.

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University of Calgary Research Could Help Control Gastrointestinal Parasites

Researchers at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) are part of an international team that sequenced the genome of the parasite Haemonchus contortus, commonly known as the barber’s pole worm. The published findings could be used to develop treatments for gastrointestinal worms that cost the global livestock industry billions annually.

 Click here to read the full news release from the U of C’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM).  > 


Monday, September 16, 2013

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Alberta, Sept 17  Details > 

2013 Western Nutrition Conference
Saskatoon, SK, Sept 24 – 26 Details > 

Financial Advice Panel – Young Farmers Workshop Series
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Western Canada’s Largest Sewing and Crafting Event
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Lethbridge, Oct 3  Details > 

National Farm Animal Care Conference – Achievements, Challenges & Future Directions
Ottawa, ON, Oct 9 – 10 Details > 

Biofibe 2013
Winnipeg, MB, Oct 15 – 17 Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Stock Dog Competition
Lloydminster, Oct 31  Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Pure Bred Show
Lloydminster, Oct 31 – Nov 2 Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Commercial Show & Sale
Lloydminster, Nov 1  Details > 

Stockade Round-Up Ranch Horse Show/Competition Sale
Lloydminster, Nov 2  Details > 

Advanced Agronomy Conference
Leduc, Nov 19 & 20  Details > 

Canfax Cattle Market Forum
Calgary, November 26 & 27 Details > 

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