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Staff Directory

The Farming Smarter Team

Shelly Barclay

Office Manager

  • Work Number: 403 317-0022
  • Mobile Number: 403 892 3217

Shelly Barclay is Farming Smarter’s bean counter, although, she will also count canola, peas and wheat if we ask. She handles Farming Smarter’s financial and business administration tasks. Contact her regarding accounts receivable, accounts payable, charitable donations and copies/details of project contracts. 

If you live in the Lethbridge region, you or someone you know once worked with Shelly. She has many years experience working with businesses in the region, often doing payroll; which makes her the office person everyone loves! She’s highly qualified, 4th level CGA, highly organized and high energy. She will get you your answer.

Shelly grew up on a farm in the Picture Butte area. 


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