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Staff Directory

The Farming Smarter Team

Lewis Baarda

Field Tested Manager

  • Work Number: 403-317-0022
  • Mobile Number: 403 308 8551

M.Sc, B.Sc., Certified Crop Agronomist (CCA)

Lewis Baarda is the On-Farm Research authority at Farming Smarter.  He uses his Master’s degree in geography and experience with spatial analysis and multivariate statistics to conduct field scale research on farms.  If you have questions about variable rate technology, soil sensors, on-farm research, field-scale trials, soil and yield variability, GIS, agricultural data, big data, field mapping, remote sensing, or other agricultural technologies, Lewis is the person to contact.

Lewis came to us experienced with data collection, statistical analysis and capable of managing large and complex data sets.  He finds the use of GIS systems fascinating enough to have studied it for his Master of Science: Geography from the University of Lethbridge. His thesis research focused on agricultural geography in Alberta. His interest began while he worked on his Bachelor of Science: Geography from the University of Lethbridge when he concentrated on Geographic Information Systems.  


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