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Weed Wisdom Dec. 2019

News article

Weed Wisdom

Farming Smarter  and I dedicate this month’s Weed Wisdom to thanking Charles Geddes for working with us on this. We feel it’s important to keep our readers in the loop when it comes to weed issues in southern Alberta. It’s our way of offering maybe an early warning system or seasonal challenge coming at you.

Charles makes that possible. He’s had a busy year – a new baby, new job responsibilities and a big research project around kochia to manage. So we appreciate that he still manages to send me something to write about each month and works with Farming Smarter is other extension too.

Cheers, Charles! Did you recognize yourself in our cartoon? Read the story behind the cartoon on pg 34 of Farming Smarter magazine.

Created December 17, 2019 | Category: News Articles

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