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Weekly Crop Water Use Report – July 15

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Click here to download an excel spreadsheet with all the data

Crop water use values are provided in mm per day. 

Crop water use values are based on a seeding date of May 15. 

For more detailed crop water use values based on different seeding dates, please link to IMCIN website and select the nearest weather station, then select IRRI-CAST and follow the prompts.

Surplus indicates there has been more rainfall during the week than plants have transpired at that weather station.

Deficit indicates that plants have transpired more soil water than that weather station has received in rainfall.

If you have other questions regarding these data, please call David Hyland at

1-403-545-2231 or Ted Harms at 1-403-362-1347.  These numbers can be reached using the Government Toll-Free line at 310-0000.


Information Available for Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Milk River, Raymond, Rolling Hills, Rosemary, Seven Persons, Strathmore, Vauxhall, Barnwell, Barons, Blood Tribe, Bow Island, Brooks, Enchant, Fincastle, Ft. Macleod, Grassy Lake, Iron Springs


Created July 15, 2013 | Category: Industry

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