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Welcome Gurbir Dhillon

News article

Gurbir Dhillon PhD

Please help Farming Smarter welcome Gurbir Dhillon PhD as our resident soil scientist. He will design innovative research programs focused on improving the sustainability and productivity of crop systems especially in the south Alberta region.

He will also study soil health and environmental services of agroecosystems. He will coordinate research grant applications for new programs and submit project reports and peer-reviewed manuscripts for ongoing research programs at Farming Smarter. Before joining Farming Smarter, he studied soil organic matter dynamics and sequestration using synchrotron-based spectroscopic techniques in his postdoctoral and Ph.D. programs both at the University of Saskatchewan. He did his M.Sc. in Soil Science from University of Delaware (USA) studying soil carbon exports in runoff water during storm events.

Created March 20, 2020 | Category: News Articles

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