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Western Canada Update – $7 Soybeans, New Seed-Treating Standards and Exemptions for UAVs

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 Western Canada Update 

Market Recap: Bearish Bets and Volume Concerns
The grain and oilseed market started the month of November the opposite of how it ended October, as the market dropped lower on the U.S. harvest catching up to its historical average pace and a stronger U.S. dollar (which can help Canadian exports, hence basis in Western Canada narrowing recently). 

$7 Soybeans? Record Stocks-to-Use Pulling Oilseed Prices Lower
beansWith the recent rally in soybeans looking like it might be over, there could be some major downside to oilseed prices, according to the chief economist for AgResource Company. Bill Tierney, speaking at the Cereals North America conference in Winnipeg last week, called the rally “seemingly inexplicable,” as there were no significant changes in U.S. or global soybean supply/demand fundamentals.

New Seed Treating Standards: What Do They Mean for Treating Seed On-Farm?


New standards for storing and applying seed treatments are set to take effect across Canada in 2017.

The new audit-based accreditation system was developed by CropLife Canada and its members “to provide uniform environmental, health and safety practices” at facilities where seed treatments are applied. If a business does not go through the accreditation process, it will lose access to designated seed treatment products.

Transport Canada Announces Exemptions for UAVs
Transport Canada has announced a pair of exemptions that should make it easier for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to be used for commercial purposes.There’s been growing excitement about using UAVs in agriculture, but until now, a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada has been required for non-recreational flights. To accommodate commercial opportunities, Ottawa is now looking to cut back on the red tape involved in flying small machines. 


 The Fall Markets Review – Mustering Up a Mild Rally or Settling in For the Season?
As we say goodbye to October, colder weather is setting in just as the markets could be warming up.More than a few analysts are pointing to soy meal as a driver of the sustained rally we’ve seen in the grain markets recently, but the move is now beyond “rational levels”. With an increase in price of 30% in just one month to almost $400 per short ton, supply and demand factors don’t really justify the current levels (i.e. the fundamental glove doesn’t fit). 

It’s Hip to be Square, So Can Science be as Fun as Farming?

Things have changed quickly in society, maybe faster than ever.

For example, I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, science was definitely not cool. One of my contemporaries (age-wise), a top-notch, internationally respected environmental toxicologist, reiterated that for me recently during a discussion about occupational choices. “I didn’t become a scientist because I as cool,” she said. “Actually, I was a nerd. A lot of people who are scientists now started out as nerds.”


Created November 10, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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