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Western Canada Update – April 2, 2014

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Western Canada Update


Spray Tips with Tom Wolf – Ep 4: Making the Pressure Gauge Your Speedometer   


Good spray quality is essential in application, but all of the factors involved can make getting there quite a challenge. In this vlog, Tom Wolf talks about the evolution of pressure ranges in nozzles and walks us through an applicator’s decision-making process. After following the tips in the video, calibrating your sprayer and driving out to the field, you should be able to maximize spray quality by simply using your pressure gauge as the speedometer.  


 Canfax Mobile App Helps Producers Make Informed Marketing Decisions  

Cattle producers all along the supply chain now have access to a new, free market prices app based on historical Canfax data. Using Canadian pricing and continually updating with new pricing information, the CanFax CFX Pro mobile app is applicable and useful for all Canadian cattle producers, says Brian Perillat, with Canfax.  




  4 Ways to Achieve a Vigourous Crop  


As seeding approaches, one of the most common topics I hear discussed is vigour.  A vigourous plant stand comes from a healthy seed that is out of the ground and competing in a timely fashion. This can mean fewer days to maturity, quicker ground cover, better weed competition, a more robust rooting system better able to scavenge for nutrients and the list goes on and on. The trick to making a crop more vigourous isn’t always just one thing, it can be the combination of two or more strong agronomic practices.   


The 2014 Grain Summit: Solving Logistics Challenges, the Revenue Cap & More    


One of the presenters at the 2014 Grain Summit was Ian McCreary, a grain and cattle farmer from Bladworth, Saskatchewan. McCreary’s experience in policy, marketing and transportation is vast, having been employed by the Canadian Wheat Board, and later chairing the Transportation Committee as a director on the board. McCreary’s suggestions ranged from improving the west coast’s capacity to handle grain to creating forward rail contracts and enhancing competition.



Gaining Ground: Digging Deep on the Impacts of Tillage      

First, a confession: I love plowing. Growing up, fall plowing was always one of my favourite chores, and I’ve still got the trophies I won in various county plowing matches as a teenager. Smart tillage is using the minimum necessary to create an aerobic soil, eliminate compaction, control weeds and manage residues. If tillage requirements decline over time, soil health is headed in the right direction! 















 Canola School: Strategies for Saving on Seed Costs    


Are big, fat seeds more vigourous? At the recent CanoLAB event held in Brandon, Murray Hartman, oilseed specialist with Alberta Agriculture, tackled that exact topic. Turns out that, yes, larger seed is ever so slightly more vigourous, however, the slight increase is more than cancelled out by the far fewer seeds per foot of row you’d end up with if you stick with seeding at your historical rate. 


Created April 2, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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