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Western Canada Update – Can You Tell the Difference Between McDonalds and Organic?

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 Western Canada Update 


Sometimes things are not what they seem at all. Never has this been more true than in the debate over what is great tasting food. Two food pranksters attended a high-end food show to show off their newest and greatest organic dishes. The reviews that they got from attendees were great. There was one slight issue though – the food that they presented was not the finest in organic fare but instead they bought all the food at McDonalds and repackaged it for their display.

 The RealAg Roundtable: WTO Retaliation Timing, “Subsidies” & a Great Deal on Mattresses
usNearly the entire Real Agriculture team gathered in Saskatoon earlier this week to talk content, new features and conference coverage over the next few months. Those who know any of the team personally can likely imagine the decibel level (Lyndsey, shush!), the creative ideas that swirled, and the laundry list of ag topics on the agenda.

Upgrade Your Wheat Variety With a “Profit Guarantee,” Says FP Genetics

FP Genetics  is offering western Canadian wheat growers a guarantee to prove that newer CWRS varieties are more profitable than older lines. Currently, an estimated 80% of wheat acres are seeded with bin-run seed, says FP Genetics, and the company believes this practice means farmers are leaving money on the table by not upgrading their wheat varieties every few years. In response, the company has developed a program that allows a farmer to upgrade their wheat genetics at no risk to them, says Rod Merryweather, CEO of FP Genetics. 

  The Markets This Week – Soy and Corn Feel the Pressure and Durum is on Another Planet
Grains started to trek higher this week as we head towards the end of the month, mostly due to international market prices picking up pace. However, by Friday, October 24th, it appeared that the rally was short-lived as the market dropped well below its monthly highs. Specifically, canola almost made it up to $420 per tonne before soybeans dropped back below $10 a bushel and news of a fire/explosion at the Louis Dreyfus crusher in Yorkton, Sask., hit the airwaves. 

 Soybean School West: What’s the Right Amount of Tillage for Soybean Residue?

Can deep-tilling soybean residue be justified? A researcher from the University of Manitoba is looking at whether tillage practices need to change as farmers in Western Canada grow more soybeans. Despite leaving less plant matter behind than most crops, it’s not uncommon to see soybean ground cultivated to leave a dark surface that warms up and dries out sooner in spring.

Created October 27, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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