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Western Canada Update – Fungicides Under the Gun, Talking to Farmers and Markets News

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 Western Canada Update 

Popular Fungicides Under Scrutiny, Possible Ban in the EU – What Does This Mean for Canada?

Several incredibly important and effective crop fungicides, including those that suppress fusarium in cereals, could be banned from use in the European Union soon. While this is an immediate concern for European farmers who could lose access to certain insecticide and fungicide classes, the ramifications for Canada could translate to over a billion dollars in lost sales.

 Talking to Farmers: Tillage, Burgers and Trade Show Freebies
agri-tradeTime-permitting, we love finding unsuspecting (or surprisingly agreeable) individuals for a segment we refer to as Talking to Farmers. The clips are often filmed at trade shows and conferences, and the interviewees are never given more than a hint at the questions they’ll be asked.This year, at the Agri-Trade Expo in Red Deer, we cajoled four people into entering the limelight, some of whom you’ll recognize from Twitter. 

 This Week’s Market Recap: Ethanol Uncertainty, Lawsuits and Quality Bread
Rounding out the middle of November, the markets seemed to pause a bit and then dropped lower as some farmer selling increased and likely the last of U.S. corn and soybeans fields were being harvested for 2014, as most places now have too much snow on the ground. While U.S. soybean crush volumes from October show that volumes were up, there is some suggestions that the new crop supply is starting to filter in, which is why the market’s reaction to the higher-than expected number was fairly mute on both canola and soybeans.

Up to 620 Horses, 9070kg Hitch Lift Capacity and Efficiency: John Deere’s 9R Series
John Deere has expanded its range of high horsepower tractors, with the recent introduction of the 9R/9RT 4WD Series. The Series includes the 9420R, 9470R, 9520R, 9570R, 9620R and 9470RT, 9520RT and 9570RT, ranging – as the names suggest – from 420 to 620 horsepower.Designed for large arable farms with hillside terrain and tough field conditions, the 9R Series utilizes Tier 4 Final/Stage 4 compliant engines. 

 Saskatchewan Government Commits $100,000 to International Year of Pulses
The announced funding will be used to connect the Ministry of Agriculture with the Indian Pulses and Grains Association, as well as the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Pulse Canada, to develop a variety of activities to be held in India in celebration of IYOP.  The province is looking to support activities aimed at increasing demand and knowledge of the benefits of pulses, as well as supporting the Global Pulse Conclave 2016. 

Bill C-18 Moving Through Parliament, Despite NDP Politicking
houseBill C-18 – the proposed legislation that includes changes to plant breeders’ rights – continues to move through Parliament, despite the New Democrats saying they’ll vote against it. During the Report Stage in the House of Commons on Monday, Opposition Agriculture Critic Malcolm Allen introduced 51 motions to delete all 51 clauses of the bill related to plant breeders’ rights. C-18 would amend thePlant Breeders’ Rights Act to bring Canada into compliance with the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties (UPOV’91).

Created November 24, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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