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Western Canada Update – Pulse School, FNA/CWB News and Domino’s Committment

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 Western Canada Update 

 Pulse School: Understanding and Maintaining Grade Quality

In this Pulse School, we talk to Sherrilyn Phelps, agronomy and seed program manager with Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. Phelps walks us through some of the factors involved in pulse grading, and some of the potential 2014 growing season concerns, including seed tag and high moisture/high temperature storage, and how growers can mitigate the risks of these, and other, quality concerns.

FNA Asking Ottawa To Hold Off On Privatizing CWB
cwbFarmers of North America is asking the federal government to hold off on privatizing the Canadian Wheat Board to give the Saskatoon-based farmer business alliance more time to pitch its plan for turning CWB into a farmer-owned grain company. FNA has held over 100 farmer meetings across Western Canada over the last month asking farmers whether they would invest in a new company known as “Genesis Grain and Fertilizer.” If sufficient funds are raised, this company would try to acquire a majority stake in CWB as it privatizes.

 Domino’s Pizza Commits To Using 100% Canadian Cheese

“We are proud that Domino’s has made this commitment to our Canadian dairy farmers,” said Wally Smith, president of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “Canada has some of the greatest cheeses in the world, and with good reason, since its main ingredient, 100 percent Canadian milk, is renowned for its high quality, purity and great taste.”

 World Food Prize Winner Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram Brought Nearly 500 Wheat Varieties to Farmers


Named in June, but celebrated this week in Des Moines, Iowa, Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram of India and Mexico was awardedthe World Food Prize for his work in wheat breeding and development. Working hand-in-hand with Nobel Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug, Rajaram bred an impressive 480 varieties of wheat to provide nutritious grains resistant to rust disease and adaptable in a vast array of climates to feed more people.

 Canola School: Residue Management for Better Stand Establishment
residueResidue management may prove a challenge this year, as many prairie crops experienced high levels of lodging, but it’s nothing to ignore, especially if you’re considering canola as your next crop. In this Canola School, Shawn Senko, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, talks further on the importance of trash management. Senko emphasizes the importance of proper combine settings and an even residue spread, but also discusses what you can do, if it’s simply too late. 

Created October 21, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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